39 Things to do during Self-Quarantine – CoronaVirus Pandemic

39 Things to do during Quarantine - COVID-19

As schools, colleges, and universities are closed, matches are postponed, concerts are canceled and the hot tourist spots are close down, professional recommend that everyone have to stay at home even the ones who are perfectly fine and shows no sign of COVID-19 illness during this pandemic. Yeah, they are right and it’s the right time for everyone to quarantine himself. It’s a very effective way to protect yourself from the coronavirus.

Pandemic means that you have to stay at home than you usually do. Indeed it’s very hard for a lot of people who do physical exercise daily. It’s time to explore things at home. You have to be as active as possible. You can have fun at home at the same time you can study at home with the help of some best online tutors. You must be thinking that what you can do in this quarantine period as you are stuck indoors. I’m going to give you a few suggestions or tips that will make your quarantine interesting.

1. Puzzle Time

Puzzle Time

Completing a Crossword puzzle is quite interesting and time-taking as well. You just have to find out a solution for the complicated puzzle.

2. Blog


You can create your own blog as per your interest. You can start writing articles for your blog on a daily basis. You can write on covid19 symptoms, pandemic, or anything else of your interest.

3. Skin Care Routine

Skin Care

You can start taking care of your skin as you have so much free time. You can use moisturizer on your hands and toes. You can do facial of your skin at home.

4. Old memories

You can watch your old videos of picnic or university hangouts. You can watch the pictures of your loved ones.

5. Be a Chef

You can cook for yourself and your family. You can make different foods. You can search for different recipes and make them for your loved ones.

6. Letters

You can post letters to your relatives and loved ones. Make them feel special. You can also write thank you notes to the ones who are working for you.

7. Play Instruments

You can start playing different instruments. You can learn different tones in this pandemic on guitar and piano if its sound won’t bother your family or neighbors.

8. Poetry

If you are interested in poetry and are following many famous poets, you can start writing yours as well. You can write it on your social media profiles.

9. Movies

You can watch the long movies that you are avoiding before pandemic just because you can’t sit that much longer. It’s time to watch all those movies.

10. Learn Language

You can learn some language. It can be English, Chinese, or Spanish. You can download different apps that teach languages free of cost.

11. Novels

You can start reading different novels. If you don’t have any novel at home, you can buy it from the local market or you can read it online.

12. Games


You can play scrabble, monopoly, and Jumanji with your family. Try to spend quality time with your family members. If you are looking to spend some quality time alone, try playing Solitaire.

13. Calligraphy


If you love calligraphy or want to learn something different, you can go for learning calligraphy. You can learn this from different YouTube channels.

14. Talk to your friends

You can’t meet your friends as you use to do before the pandemic. Don’t worry. You can talk to them on Skype. Share your daily routine with your friends and ask them about their routine.

15. Read about Issues

You can read about the different issues of different countries. You can search for their solutions and try to enhance your knowledge.

16. Oscar Pictures

Try to watch the Oscar-nominated films as they are worth watching. They will help you in killing your time.

17. Yoga


You can do yoga at your home. If you don’t know about yoga, you can search it on Google and you will get to know about the postures for yoga.

18. Aerobics

You can download different apps and start doing aerobics for your body fitness.

19. Sketching


You can make your own sketch. Just sit in front of the mirror and start making your own sketch. It’s quite fun.

20. Bubble bath

You can take the bubble bath on a daily basis. It will relax your body.

21. Coloring

You can go for paintings. Start making yours. You can also do colors in the coloring book as it’s not only for kiddos. You can do it also. It will take back to your childhood days.

22. Set goals

You can set your new goals. You can add on the previous goals in your list that wasn’t fulfilled due to the pandemic.

23. Short story

You can write one short story that you can use later on for your project. You can sell that story as well. You can write about your life story or you can make a new one. Write about all your imaginations in the story.

24. Family Time

You can make popcorns for your family and watch a horror movie with them.

25. Fix Things

You can fix the doorknobs. You can also fix the broken tiles or doors.

26. Make Videos

You can have good communication with your grandparents and parents. Make a video of that communication that you can use later on for different purposes.

27. Planning

Make a proper plan for your financial spending. Try to save money as much as you can.

28. Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment


You can dye your hair and can give them a new look. You can also use hair oil or other stuff for treating your damaged hair.

29. Make List

You can make a list of the places that you want to visit once the quarantine is ended.

30. TikTok

You can make different TikTok that how you are spending quarantine. You can go for funny videos.

31. Rearrange Things

You can rearrange your living room, bedroom, and drawing room to give them a new look.

32. Online Job

You can search for a home-based job. You can start content writing or ghostwriting. You can search for social media branding as well.

33. Dance



You can learn different dance styles. You can learn hip hop, breakdance, or salsa from YouTube channels.

34. Typing

You can start practicing on typing speed. You can do a typing course. Try to type fast as much as you can.

35. Flexibility

You can do different stretching workouts. You can make your body flexible by practicing different exercise postures.

36. Donations

You can help the needy people in this pandemic. Try to help the poor people as much as you can.

37. Scarf tips

You can learn to wear a scarf in different ways from the YouTube videos.

38. Throw Things

You can throw too much old stuff like makeup, shoes, and grocery, etc.

39. Sleep


You can sleep for hours. Get a lot of sleep.


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