Hair Fall Problems in Women and Home Remedies to Stop Hair Loss

Hair Fall Problems in Women and Home Remedies to reduce Hair Loss

People around the world specifically women take immense gratification in their hair styles. It makes an impression because it is as much important as your face. Hair loss is the most customary and prominent problem in women. Losing few hair every single day is normal and natural phenomenon. Alopecia typically allude to immoderate hair loss from your scalp. It can be the corollary of irregular menses, hormonal disturbance, medicine reaction, asymmetrical meal patterns, family history, fallacious hair treatments, excessive use of supplements etc. If you observe that you are experiencing more hair loss than normal then get your tests done. If everything is fine, you may use some effective home remedies that can reduce or stop hair fall problem.

The 10 easy ways to reduce Hair Fall are mentioned below:

1. Egg mask

Egg Mask

Egg mask is affluent in protein and biotin. It averts hair breakage. It controls hair fall. It gives rise to shiny hair. Egg mask is really effective and easy to make. Take a bowl. Add one Egg in it. Beat it well. Add two tablespoon of Yogurt, one tablespoon Almond Oil in it. Mix it well. Apply this mask on every single layer of your hair. Leave it for an hour. Wash it with cold water. Repeat this procedure twice a week for healthy hair.

2. Oil treatment

Oil Treatment

Oil usually makes your hair healthy and strong. It stops hair fall. It prevents your hair from dryness and nourishes your scalp. This oil treatment will help you a lot. Take a bottle. Add five tablespoons of Coconut Oil, six tablespoons of Almond Oil, three tablespoons of Olive Oil (first virgin), four tablespoons of Argan Oil and two tablespoons of Jojoba Oil. Mix all the oils well. Apply the oil mildly on your full hair and in roots as well. Leave it for two hours. Wash it with Dove Shampoo. Let it dry and see the brilliant results. Repeat the procedure thrice a week.

3. Aloe Vera mask

Aloe Vera mask

Aloe Vera gel mask helps to control hair loss and hair breakage. It moisturizes your hair. It is also used as a conditioner. Cut Aloe Vera from fresh plant. Take out aloe vera gel. Grind it in a chopper. Apply fine layer of aloe vera mask on full hair. Let it dry for half an hour. Wash it with cold water. Repeat this procedure thrice in a week for longer hair.

4. Honey mask

Honey mask

This easy honey hair mask will help you in reducing hair fall problems as well as it gives rise to shinny and nourished hair. It will make your hair stronger and healthy. It is easy to make and hardly takes two to three minutes. Add one Egg in a bowl. Beat it well. Cut one Banana in cubes and then mash it with spoon. Add that mashed banana in it. Add one tablespoon of Honey. Add three teaspoons of Milk. Mix it well. Apply this mask on full hair for one hour. Let it dry. Wash it with cold water. Repeat this procedure twice in a week for moisturized hair. This mask will strengthen your hair as well.

5. Shampoo

hair shampoo

Shampoo is a liquid formulation designed for washing hair. Shampoos can control your hair loss, hair breakage, dryness, dullness, dirt. Not every shampoo can do this. It all begins with using the equitable shampoo. I personally use Tresemme. This shampoo suits to every hair type. You can use this in your daily routine. Apply one tablespoon of shampoo on your full hair for two to three minutes. Wash it with cold water. Let it dry and you will see the excellent results.

6. Castor oil mask


Castor oil moisturizes the skin and hair as well. It prevents hair loss and hair damage. It makes your hair smooth and unbreakable. It makes your hair sustain. Apply three to five tablespoon Castor Oil on your full hair. Let it dry overnight. Apply Dove Shampoo and wash it with cold water. Repeat this procedure twice a week for better results.

7. Herbal Essences Serum

Herbal Essences Serum


Herbal Essences Serum is used for damaged hair protection. It prevents hair fall and hair breakage. It is a strengthening styling cream with a blend of sea silk and royal jasmine. Apply an even layer of Herbal Essences Serum after washing your hair with shampoo. Apply this serum on your hair whenever you take bath. This will make your hair straight, healthy, moisturize and shiny.

8. Coconut milk mask

Hair Fall Problems


Coconut milk contains protein and crucial fats. It increases hair growth and controls hair fall problems. It gives rise to smooth and shiny hair. Shred one Coconut and boil gently in a pan for five to seven minutes. Pour it in a bowl and let it cool for five minutes. Add two tea spoons of Black Pepper and one pinch of Turmeric. Mix it well. Apply a fine layer of this mask on your hair roots. Let it dry for half an hour. Wash it with cold water. Repeat this procedure thrice a week for strong hair.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is used for weight loss as well as for shiny and strong hair. It is used as a conditioner for hair. It prevents hair fall and smoothes the damaged hair. It makes your hair healthy and nourishes your hair also. Pour Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray this liquid on your full hair. Leave it for seven to nine minutes and let it dry. You will see amazing results after using this. Repeat the procedure twice a week for better results.

10. Onion Liquid

Onion Liquid


Onion liquid moisturizes and nourishes your scalp. It ameliorates the blood circulation of your head. It increases hair growth, hair length and prevents hair fall problems. To prepare onion liquid juice, chop two to three big size Onions and then grasp the liquid juice. Apply it on your scalp and full hair. Let it dry for an hour. Wash it with shampoo and cold water. Repeat this procedure twice in a week for amazing results.
Home remedies and treatments fortunately play an effective role in nourishing hair. These hair masks and remedies will reduce your hair fall problems and make your hair more shiny, straight and beautiful.

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