11 Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter Ideas To Wrap Up The Magic

elf on the shelf goodbye letter

Is it the time your elf is returning to the North Pole? Do you want to wrap up all the holiday fun with something exciting? If yes, stay here and continue reading. A heartwarming elf on the shelf goodbye letter will do all the job of making this farewell amazing.

Well, I was too overwhelmed while gathering cute ideas for the elf’s farewell to make your little ones smile as the holidays come to an end.

No point in waiting!

Let’s skim through some handy, printable, and adorable farewell notes to mark the end of memorable moments with Elf.

Heartwarming Goodbye Letter Idea From Beloved Elf

Goodbye Letter Idea

Here is an amazing elf on the shelf goodbye letter with gift to grab this year. Just look at the prettiest backdrop of the note: colorful fairy lights and gifts with a cute goodbye headline. I found this idea adorable because it has mixed feelings of happiness and sadness.

Elf acknowledges all the fun he has with kids and tells them it’s time to leave now. The best thing about this farewell note is that it tells your little ones not to be sad over his departure. It’s literally sentimental to read that the note is never about “goodbye.” It’s about “see you later.” My heart, it’s actually cute. Isn’t it?

Adorable “Until Next Time” Idea To End Elf’s Seasonal Stay

Goodbye Letter

Who won’t love this charming goodbye letter bathed in red and green? A pretty red ribbon says “goodbye letter,” which itself makes the card more beautiful and sweet. Also, the loveliest illustration of the elf and some ribboned gifts make the idea more exciting altogether.

I loved the way Elf addresses the family and kids and tells them it’s time to go. Plus, he warns the little ones politely to behave well until he gets back next year. The overall goodbye letter is a bunch of warm wishes, heartfelt emotions, and a token of love from Elf.

I’m so sure you and your kids will like this farewell idea to mark Elf’s departure.

Delightful Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter Free Printable

Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter Free Printable

Here is the beautiful token of love, acknowledgement, and farewell from Elf. The adorable illustration of the elf holding a horn speaker and announcing his departure is just matchless. From the charming boundary to heartfelt farewell words. I loved everything about this elf on the shelf goodbye letter.

Kids will be excited to read that their elf is leaving them with happy memories. Also, they will be more mindful, as the elf tells them to be the best version of themselves. Finally, the elf concludes his note by promising his arrival next year. Until then, he will miss your little ones.

If you want something sentimental and tempting to terminate holidays, pick this handy note from Lola Lambchops.

Pretties Goodbye Note For The Kids Who Love Sugary Treats

Goodbye Note For The Kids

Is your kid a sugar fanatic? Well, well, well, do not forget to pick up this sweet and delightful goodbye card as the year ends. I’m sure your kids will not only feel special but will also smile with their mouths wide open upon seeing the creamy donuts. So, make your child not only happy and sentimental, but also let his mouth water with the sugary goodies pictured on the card.

It is the finest idea for toddlers and preschoolers, as it is colorful and the sweetest. Also, the farewell message is brief and easy to understand.

If you are a mom to sugar enthusiasts, grab this inviting, satisfying, and creamy idea this time.

Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter For Kids Who Love Rhymes

Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter For Kids

As your elf heads back to the North Pole, here is the loveliest goodbye letter with cute rhymes. If your kid is fond of poems and fun rhymes, this handy, printable note of farewell with rhyming notes will do the finest job. The stamp of “Elf Surveillance Headquarters” gives off the vibe of the official announcement of the elf’s departure. Also, the heartwarming “approved” stamp will make you smile.

So, get ready for a poetic goodbye from Elf to your kids this year and make the farewell rituals more exciting. Go and grab this cute, rhyming note of love and goodbye from Madison.

Emoji-Rich Farewell Note That Will Make Your Kid Smile

Emoji goodbye letter

Say YES to this emoji-loaded goodbye letter to make the farewell heartwarming and fun. Among many emojis adding appeal to the note, the sad emoji stands out. It shows that the elf is sad and gloomy as he heads to the North Pole. But he tells the children that the departure is temporary. So yeah! The beloved friend of the kids; the elf, will be back next year with the same fun and smiles.

The elf cautions kids in a very cute way to be good. Because after all, the elf will return to ask all the kids about how they did throughout the year.

So, make sure you get this elf on the shelf goodbye letter from I Think We Could Be Friends

Elegant Farewell Aesthetic To Mark The Exit Of Elf

Elegant Farewell Aesthetic

Oh my goodness! Look at the beautiful blend of elegance and charm this goodbye card portrays. It is one of my favorite elf on the shelf goodbye letter ideas for a reason. The soft appeal of this farewell card with pretty typography says it all.

As the elf bids goodbye to kids, he promises to return in the blink of an eye in the coming year. Plus, the elf advises kids to be good and aim high; meanwhile, he demands a tight hug from them.

I’m totally in love with this delicate illustration at the end of the card and the graceful message of farewell.

End your holidays on a good note with this classy note of love and elegance.

Official Goodbye Letter From North Pole 😉

Official Goodbye Letter From North Pole

This pretty goodbye note from A Worthy Read is simple yet elegant. If you really want to keep things simple and fun, grab this idea to terminate the end of the elf-on-the-shelf session.

The brightly-lined boundary radiated warmth and love from the elf for the little kids. As the kids read through the heartfelt message, they will feel deeply connected and a bit emotional about the departure of their friend. However, Elf doesn’t spare the idea of cheering up the little ones by acknowledging all the fun they had together.

He gives a few pieces of advice: to do your best in school, to be kind, and to carry on with good deeds.

I loved this note because it’s not a farewell note alone; it also encourages children to be better than before until Elf comes back next year.

Customizable & Editable Elf On The Shelf Goodbye Letter

Goodbye Grinch

Here is a thoughtful design of a goodbye letter to give it your own touches.

Because why not?

This pretty and easily editable goodbye letter is free to download and edit. You can mention your child’s name and, of course, your elf’s name (if any), personalizing the message by editing this eye-catching card. Its cute layout simply left me stunned. And look at the decent typography and super-amazing use of colors.

The best thing about customized notes is that they make your kids feel like they belong and are more connected to their friends. So, if you want a touch of customization to make the goodbye letter a keepsake for years, go for this special idea.

Vibrant Note Of Farewell For Toddlers & Young Kids

Goodbye from the North pole


Grab the attention of your young ones as the elf finally heads to the North Pole. I believe these playful illustrations and beautiful colors will make your kids smile widely. The North Pole stamp and charming elf are drawn in the corner of the card, making the goodbye letter more attractive for kids. They will definitely smile, knowing the elf has good things to report back about them.

So, if you want to make the elf’s departure perfect and fun by all means, pick this editable, adorable note of goodbye. I hope the fun and smiles spread by the elf will linger a little longer with this bunch of cuteness (I mean, the card;))

Beautiful Final Goodbye Letter From Elf On The Shelf

Final Goodbye Letter From Elf On The Shelf

Looking for a memorable send-off from Elf as he goes back to the North Pole? I bet you’d love this sweet and beautiful farewell letter to end the holiday season in style. The letter is full of warmth, gratitude, and best wishes for the kids. Also, you can’t overlook the element of humor in the letter.

Your young ones won’t help suppressing smiles as the elf tells them he will be even smaller next year while the kids are going to be taller.

This letter is amazing to pick if you want a unique farewell for the elf.

To Wrap It All Up

Just like welcome letters, goodbye letters also deserve to be heartwarming. As the holidays end, you must be looking for a heartfelt elf on the shelf goodbye letter. I have put forth my best effort to gather the finest goodbye letter ideas. I’m sure you have found the right one that your kids will surely love.

Take the joy in and smile 🙂


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