Top 16 Last Minute Elf On The Shelf Ideas That Will Save Your Day

Last Minute Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Looking for quick and easy-breezy last minute elf on the shelf ideas? Don’t fret. We have you covered with some effortless and quick-as-a-wink ideas that your kids will surely love.

So, get ready to sprinkle some elf magic and keep your kids entertained for all December long.

Because why not?

Elf In Marshmallow Bath

Elf In Marshmallow Bath

All the mommies who love to boost the creativity of their kids must love this idea. You just need to take a box or container that is big enough to fit an elf. Mini or regular-sized marshmallows will do the best job.

Just fill the generous amount of marshmallows and position the elf as it is enjoying a bath. TADA! You are all set to make your kids have fun with a delightful visual scene. It is not only a source of fun alone; it also develops fine motor skills and engages them in imaginative play.

Enjoying Fun Swing Ride

Enjoying Fun Swing Ride

Here is another super-creative and on-the-go idea for busy mommies. YES! You can show the elf swinging and enjoying himself to make your kids smile widely. What do you need? A string, a popsicle stick, and tape. Just find the right place to hang the swing; for example, it can be a tree branch or shelf (or any other suitable place).

Cut two pieces of string and use tape to attach them to the chosen place. Two or three popsicle sticks would do the best job as the “seat” of the swing. You can use folded paper for the seat as well. Here you go! What about asking your children to write a story about the swing adventures of Elf? (Make them enjoy themselves while improving their writing skills.)

Elf On A Boat

Elf On A Boat

Who does not know how to create a simple boat using cardboard? Everyone does! Why not use this simple way to make your little one burst into laughter? If not, you can use a plastic container or even a show box to use as a boat. Place the elf inside the container with a sailing pole (you can use any stick for this purpose).

This is one of the most awe-inspiring last minute elf on the shelf ideas. Seeing Elf on the boat will surely leave your child stunned. It will help ignite kids’ creativity and keep them engaged for quite some time.

Lost In Pages – Elf, Reading A Book

Elf Reading A Book

Mamas who are passionate about the reading habits of their kids can take up this idea. Just create a miniature book using folded paper and place it on the study table for children. You can also place a tiny note that reads “getting lost in a good book.”

Your kids not only love this last minute elf on the shelf idea but also start to read a book alongside their elf friend. So, go for this fun and creative idea if you want to add both productivity and imagination to this activity.

Soapbox Adventure

Soapbox Adventure

Welcome to the thrilling soapbox adventure! Here are some easy last minute elf on the shelf ideas to bring giggles to your child’s face. You need a soapbox or cardboard box, small wheels (from a toy car, or you can make them from cardboard), tape, and scissors. Attach the wheel to the box using tape or glue. Surprise, surprise! The car is ready.

Position the elf inside the car and let the tiny wheels spin. Your kids will definitely enjoy the scene and enjoy the fun-filled journey of the elf.

Kindness Note – Elf Spreading Warmth

Elf Spreading Warmth

What about teaching your kid some acts of kindness amid the holiday hustle? Well, that sounds like a great idea. Just take a small card or piece of paper and glue or tape it. Write something like “Do something nice for someone today” or “Help anyone in need and get back to me,” etc. Attach the note to the elf anywhere it is visible.

Believe me, these heartwarming messages from a friend will motivate your child to be kind. Also, you can place other blank notes around the elf to let children write their own kindness notes.

Cereal Box/Glass/Bowl Hideout

Elf with Cereal Box

Want to combine fun and creativity? “Cereal Box Hideout” serves as one of the perfect and funny last minute elf on the shelf ideas. You can just position Elf sticking out from the side of the cereal box. Ready, set, go! As soon as your kids take their seats at the breakfast table, they will surely smile with their mouths wide open. Mamas! You can either use a favourite juice glass, lunch box, or cereal bowl for this purpose.

You can hide the bowl or glass inside the fridge (for more surprise) or simply place it on the kitchen counter or table.

Colouring Activity

Elf doing Colouring Activity

How about giving your kids a colouring challenge from their elf friend? Absolutely amazing! Isn’t it? If your kid is not a fan of colouring, it is one of the best ways to make them develop an interest in colouring. What do you need to do? Simply write a card that reads, “Help me colour my new drawing” or “Would you colour this butterfly for me?” etc. You can add such phrases according to your own preference.

You can drop new colouring essentials near the elf to make your children more excited. So, make this holiday celebration productive by engaging them in fun-colouring activities.

Make Elf Play Board Games With Toys

Elf Play Board Games With Toys

If you are looking for easy last minute elf on the shelf ideas, here is another one. You can simply make an elf and other favourite toys of your kids sit around the game board, and it will feel like they are playing a board game. I absolutely loved this idea because it makes kids happier to see their favourite toys with the elf.

Elf With A Reading Note

Elf With A Reading Note

It is the best idea for reading-shy kids. Just leave the elf with a note that says, “Read a book to me” or “Read your favourite story to me.” Your little one will read anything for their elf friend. After all, who wants to make an elf angry? No one! So, have fun while developing productive habits in your kids.

Elf In The Fridge. Unexpected? Try It 😉

Elf In The Fridge

Let your kids swing open the fridge door. They will be really happy to find an elf holding their favourite juice or even taking a sip from it. Hehe. It sounds like a great idea. You don’t need to make any preparations for it. Just go and place the elf in the fridge and position the straw in a way the elf is taking slow sips. Simple yet amusing!

Elf – Elfin’ Around The Kitchen – Baking & Enjoying

Elf Baking & Enjoying

It’s all about the love of baking. You can simply position Elf on the kitchen counter with a note, “Let’s bake.” Also, do not forget to put baking essentials alongside them. TADA! Watch your kids bake with Elf and let them create joy together.

Potato Sack Race – All Fun & Smiles

Elf Potato Sack Race

Finding some funny last minute elf on the shelf ideas?  Here is the one that will make your kids burst into laughter. Invite some stuffed toys for a sack race with the elf. I found it hilarious and fun-filled. And your little ones will definitely find the idea jolly and exciting.

Toilet Paper Roll – Make Your Kids’ Eyes Roll

Elf under Toilet Paper Roll

Turn the elf into a prankster. Create a scene in which the elf is seen stumbling on the stairs with toilet paper. It’s not only amusing but also an ideal way to make your family smile on a peaceful Friday evening. So, begin with toilet paper magic and let the show begin.

Elf Poop – A Playful Twist!

Elf Poop

Ready for a naughty prank? You can give your kids a challenge to find chocolate treats anywhere in the house. Or just surprise them with elf pooping anywhere in the toilet (basin or vanities) that are actually chocolate marks. It is one of the funniest ideas on the shelf for a delightful and whimsical surprise.

Elf’s Secret Retreats

Elf’s Secret Retreats

Among my favourite quick elf ideas on the shelf, this is my most loved idea. You literally do not need any preparation for it. Just take some candies, snacks, or small gifts and tuck them beside the elf. Kids will love that their elf friend is back with gifts for them.

Wrapping It All Up

Wrapping It All Up

There are numerous easy last minute elf on the shelf ideas that will make your child’s day. From attaching friendly notes to leaving them at unexpected places, you can do a lot to make the holidays fun with your family. Although you will find hundreds of different ideas for moving elf, I have stockpiled the top and easiest ones for you.

I hope you will love doing them all and save the day! 😉


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