Begin The Show: Free Elf On The Shelf Printables & Ideas Await!

Free Elf On The Shelf Printables & Ideas Await

As the year dwindles, we are all excited to have our elf back from the North Pole and begin the holiday fun. Every parent wants to make this time super-amusing with their little ones. If you are one of those parents who wants to surprise their kids with heartfelt welcomes, last-minute funny activities, and a warm goodbye, you should continue to read because we have carefully gathered free elf on the shelf printables and ideas for you.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and start to dig deep into some really exciting ideas to make the holidays more delightful.

Download these festive freebies if you love any for holiday magic 😉

Welcome Card Ideas

Cute Welcome Letter From Elf To Let Your Kids Smile

Cute Welcome Letter From Elf

The adorable welcome card from Elf looks straight out of a dream. Its pretty red and green colours and festive signs add a flawless charm to the overall outlook. Also, the super-cute elf gives off a peek-a-boo vibe, as it seems to peep out from the card, which is enough to make your kids smile wide open.

The elf’s happiness at returning back to your home feels obvious as you read through the card text. If you want to have a welcome wrapped in cuteness, get this one of the most charming elf on the shelf free printables and start your holidays in style.

Im Back Free Elf On The Shelf Printables

Im Back Free Elf On The Shelf Printables

Celebrate the return of the elf with this free printable welcome letter this year. It’s available in both elf girl and elf boy designs, in case you want a more specific card. The best thing about the card is that it delightfully announces a retreat for kids from Elf to bring them tons of excitement.

Whether you choose an adorable elf girl or a mischievous elf boy, this card is everything to add some creativity and fun to the holiday’s beginning. Just download the card, get it printed, hide it in a secret place, and let the good times roll. Because why not?

Elf On The Shelf Welcome Note With Official Stamp

Elf On The Shelf Welcome Note With Official Stamp

Let’s hit the holiday stage with a pretty welcome note from an elf with a soft vibe. The official stamp from the North Pole completes the look of this letter. I loved this card because it has everything to make an elf’s arrival more exciting and happy. The elf politely cautions kids to be kind, spread love, and, last but not least, not to touch him.

This direct message from the North Pole sparks your child’s eagerness to welcome the elf. Also, the kids will be glad to have lots of laughs with the elf.

Adorable & Colorful Hello Card To Start Holidays

Adorable & Colorful Hello Card To Start Holidays

Ready for the festive fun? Here you go! This colorful card is perfect to start a holiday tradition and bring excitement and thrills. The best thing about the card is not only the playful characters but also the phrases that make the welcome card further engaging. So, why not make the elf’s arrival the highlight of the day and pick up this free, printable card to make lasting memories?

So, let’s start the season of magic and cheers with an elf’s pretty hello card.

Elf On The Shelf Ideas & Activities

Elf On The Shelf Joke Card For Some Laughter 😉

Elf On The Shelf Joke Card

A dash of humor and some smiles: Won’t they make the holidays just perfect? So, here’s a super-amazing yet lazy elf on the shelf idea to add some joy to your home. With a bunch of delightful jokes, the card is ideal to keep the holiday spirit alive in your kids. Also, it is an interactive activity to do with kids to brighten up their moods.

If you are one of the lazy parents lying on the couch flipping through magazines, hear me out. Just download this joke card, get it printed at home, and start the holiday cheers.

Elf Report Card To Keep Your Kids Mindful!

Elf Report Card To Keep Your Kids Mindful!

I’m in love with this “naughty or nice assessment” to keep track of your child’s behavior. This fun card has a personalized assessment of your child to add a touch of accountability to the holiday fun. You can see the “yes” and “no” boxes in front of behavior attributes. The card also has sections for name, date, and age to make it more personalized and unique.

All parents look up to encouraging their kids to have good behavior, and this card offers the perfect solution for it. It’s a must-have card to have holiday fun and teach kids kindness in a light-hearted manner.

Elf On The Shelf Rules Free Printable

Elf On The Shelf Rules Free Printable

Keep your kids not only happy but also mindful this holiday season. This heartwarming letter is everything you need to keep your kids alert and mindful of everything they do. At first, the elf warns little ones not to touch him to prevent his magic from losing. Also, he asks kids to talk to him and keeps in mind that he is listening without answering back. The elf also encourages children to write letters to Santa and be kind to everyone.

I loved this one of the adorable free elf on the shelf printables to keep your kids active and cheerful throughout the December break.

Colours, Colours , EVERYWHERE!

Elf with Colours

What about having something that is both exciting and creative to make the holidays perfect? Here is an elf activity letter that portrays elves waiting to be coloured. The picture is all set to ignite a holiday spark while keeping an eye on the creative side of your little ones.

If you are one of those parents who not only wants to unwrap fun but also looks up to productivity, go grab this wonderful activity card that is just at your fingertips. Download it for free, print it, and prepare your children with some crayons and markers. Have fun!

Elf Goodbye Letter Ideas

HeartWarming Goodbye Letter From Elf

HeartWarming Goodbye Letter From Elf

As December ends, here is a goodbye letter full of warm wishes and farewell vibes from Elf. As the elf addresses the whole family and says a warm goodbye, it radiates warmth, love, and emotions from the beloved elf. The heart-touching goodbye note is a token of joyful memories made with the family.

If you want to refresh your elf’s memories along with farewell, get this pretty bunch of emotions and warmth (I mean, the goodbye card) this holiday season. I have personally loved this delightfully animated card because of its soft colours and warm farewell words.

Free Printable Goodbye Rhymes For A Pleasant Goodbye

Free Printable Goodbye Rhymes

Wrapped in beautiful rhyme, the goodbye card is all magical and playful. I’m more than sure the poem will bring a heartfelt smile to your kid’s face. This card not only shows a farewell note but also a charming story of the elf’s descent back to the North Pole.

Each line makes saying goodbye memorable and delightful. Plus, the catchy visual of an elf with a gift is yet another reason to get this free printable card. If you want to keep a treasured memory of the elf’s visit, download this card and create an ever-lasting send-off for the elf.

Customized Farewell Card From Beloved Elf

Customized Farewell Card From Beloved Elf

Looking to make the elf’s goodbye extra special this year? Here is a customized farewell letter that’s just for your little one. Adding the name of your child to the card will create personalized send-off vibes. As the child reads through the lines and says, “I will miss all of you,” he will feel a mix of happiness and sadness over the elf’s departure.

However, the elf reassures me that he will be back next year to have the same fun. If you want something personalized and special, this easy-to-print, customized card will build excitement for the next holiday season.

Elegant Send-Off Note To End The Holidays

Elegant Send-Off Note

Here’s to an elegant and vibrant bye-bye card to make holiday traditions even better. The reason I loved this card was its vivid color and ultimate customization. And yes, how can I forget to mention the official stamp of express mail? The card is a cute reminder of all the fun moments your kids spent with Elf. If you are looking for some elf on the shelf printables for free, this charming card can be a perfect pick.

Farewell cards are the best keepsakes to hold onto precious memories of the holiday season. You can make it more memorable with this card from

Wrapping It All Up

The holiday season brings nothing but smiles and joy. Amid all the pleasant chaos, parents look for some easy-peasy ways to make the time more exciting with their kids. So, I have gathered some fun-filled welcome and goodbye letter ideas, along with fun activity cards for lazy parents. You must have found the article helpful if you are looking for elf on the shelf free printables.

Love & light this holiday season!


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