Potty Training Chart: A Complete Guide for Potty Training Boys and Girls

Potty training

Potty training is one of the major milestones in your baby’s life. Imagine going out on a Sunday brunch and just when you are about to lock the door your nose picks up that stinky poop smell which is coming from your baby bear. I’m sure all of you have faced it at least once.

Only a mother can understand how she has to roll up her sleeves and get to poop business all dressed up secretly wishing that your little one was potty trained. Pro-tip for the new moms and dads out there: don’t flush the baby wipes down the toilet. Plumbing companies recommend against it because of the damage it causes your sewer lines and the public sewer lines.

When they are little you just can’t wait till they can go to the toilet themselves. Proper timings, proper technique and proper handling should be done while accomplishing this major and important milestone being a mother. It is a big step both for kids and parents.

For this, not only timing as well as lot patience is required. While accomplishing it you should be well prepared of all the disasters ahead, a little poop here and there is totally normal so don’t freak out.

Being a mother we shouldn’t rush into it no matter how much we want to. Or how much others tell you that your baby is ready. Though age factor matters but the potty training success is based on the physical development and behavioral milestones as well.

You need to understand there is no rush to start this training, your baby will be old soon and in fact you’ll miss this routine of changing their diapers and that mommy baby time.

“In our parenting journey, we come across many milestones. One such significant milestone is when our little ones start communicating with us. It’s a joy to hear their first words. If you’re wondering when do babies start talking, you can find some great information on this topic here.”

Early Potty Training: Harmful for Later Life

Infant potty training

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Internet is flooding with the right age to potty train, when it was my time to train my little one I read so much and was confused with all the contraindicating views. Some said it’s better to train early some said to give them a little more time.

At the end I decided to forgot what internet said and turned towards my science, being a doctor mommy also helps when I have to make such decisions. I know that our excretory organs aren’t properly developed before the age of three, so when we force train our kids before that, out of society pressure and our tiredness we are doing them harm for later life.

Many of the moms don’t know that kids before three have no control of their pee and potty, they can’t tell when they have to use the toilet. And if we force them, their organs will stop developing further which will cause them problems in later stages of life. Kids are smart, oh trust me when I that. When we potty train them early they quickly learn to hold their pee and potty so they won’t have to go to washroom and take a break from their areas.

Slowly and gradually they develop this habit. Kids who keep on resisting the washroom start developing issues like constipation. Also their rectum and bladder muscles become stronger and thicker due to which they won’t feel the natural urge to use the toilet which in turn is harmful for their bodies.


Age for Potty Training: The Great Debate:

Children who are included in the category of healthy children, their potty training toilet age come in between 2 years till they are three years old. Normally boys train themselves earlier as compared to girls. I have one son and two daughters. And my son trains his self quite early; on the other hand, my daughter took a lot more time. But I had to be patient and kept on trying. Between you and me only God knows how I did that.

  • I let both of my son and daughter to get comfortable first with their potties and i taught them first about the concept of using a potty. I did not resist them at all. Even I did not pressurize them. I let them have their pants down and let them practice them in their own way.
  • Pressurizing your kids will create trouble for you only! So being a mother, you have to play in the safe zone. My daughter loves to carry stuffed animals and her favorite dolls along with her. So what I did is to keep those stuffed animals with her while she was on her potty training session. I made makeshift toilet for her stuffed animal as well.

Setting Up a Training Schedule

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Even we deviate from poo schedule on and off so how can we expect little babies to have a schedule. Sadly we start this expectation game early on.

Setting up a training schedule is important for all mothers; it doesn’t mean that their pee poo will come at that time.

Potty Training schedule means you should take them to the washroom at fixed time, like after every two hours.

As for me I planned a schedule for both of my kids. Then I taught them that how they should first sit and then stand on their pots.

It has been scientifically experimented that bowel movements, as well as urine, come at the same time. That is why I recommend this point to all mothers to first let their kids to pee and poop in a sitting position.

It was hard; I can’t really imagine you know what I mean unless you start your own training too.

But it really gets exhausting.

I only allowed my kids to remain on the potty for 15 minutes and I think this is the sufficient time! If they had to poo pee they would do it, but allowing them more times means inviting the devil!

Potty Training for your Little Girl:

We all understand how boys and girls have different body anatomy so they take different times in getting used to it. Remember, you have to keep being patient.

When it was my daughter turn, it was important for her to have fun while she is on the potty. That is why; I always raise the fun factor of her potty training session.

I used to place some of her favorite books and toys on a rack so that she can have a look at them while she is on a potty. In early days, it is better to distract your kid from this phase.

So what I did was i used to give toilet papers to my daughter so that she can cut them down into different shapes and stay distracted all by her. This really worked.

My little girl potty training outside strategy will really work for other struggling mothers.

  • I have this bunch of stickers and pack of gifts which I used to give to my daughter when she successfully completes her potty sessions and used her potty training pants properly.
  • Being a mother we like to save little memories even if it is how they were potty trained.

Early on I started keeping a track of her success and failures. I kept a fancy little potty training sticker chart and pasted a sticker every time she scuccefully used the washroom or pulled up her potty training pants.

Making Game Plans: Potty is Fun

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During my days I regularly made game plans so that my daughter can quickly learn this training phase. And trust me, these little efforts will give you lot of accomplishment and sooner your kid will be in a position to say goodbye to her diapers.


When my daughter bid her first goodbye to diapers then that was my first accomplishment. You should reinforce your kids pride when he does this!

Potty Training Boys

Potty Training

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I let my son watch and learn that how he should start with his potty training. I bought the right types of equipment’s for him. The only thing which matters to you is to keep your son comfortable while he is doing potty.

I did set up a flexible training schedule and taught him that how he should sit first. It is important to set aside some of the naked time so that your son can get more comfortable.

I usually celebrate that potty time with my son. Like when he gets successful, then I normally used to raise that fun factor one higher level.

I remained patient at my end. I slowly digested this point that potty training needs a lot of time and also patience from mother’s end. There will be a reasonable degree of disagreement between your son and you, make sure that you win over at your part!

As soon as I noticed my little boy is ready for potty training, like when he could tell me he wants to go to bathroom or the little indicators of sitting down in a squat position, I knew he was physically ready for the next big step. Hurrying this process won’t do you any good so wait for the signals your boy might give out and then start with this tedious journey.

Don’t stress it out

Being a Mother it is very important we should not take stress during this phase. Remain comfortable and hold the grip while your kid is being trained on a potty. You have to establish the routine of your kid. Most of the kids become less receptive and acceptable to change so go with their flow.

I taught my boy about the basic mechanics of using a potty. Kids love to learn by imitation and watching. I remain anatomically precise while teaching him about the basic body parts. Do you know what I gave a name to his penis, it was pee-pee! You can suggest other names as well.

Potty Training Chart

Download Potty Training Chart for Girls

Potty Training Chart for Boys

Here an example of potty training reward chart which all mommies can follow and you can create one potty training sticker chart on your own as well, it will help you keep a track of your progress.


This chart works from Monday to Sunday. When your kid will use a potty, toilet paper to wash her and tap water to wash her hands then you are going to give her 3 stars for each of accomplished tasks.

Thought of starting a potty training journey is scary. My youngest one is about to turn three and I have to start with this all over again and its already giving me the creeps but as I keep telling myself , hang on mama you can do it, so can you so Good luck!

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