How to Get the Maximalist Look Using Rugs


Over recent years it’s safe to say that we’ve grown more than used to the minimalist look in our homes. From white or cream interiors to simplistic accessories, minimalism is everywhere. But in recent years, home designers are moving further and further away from that safe comfort zone and looking instead to bolder and brighter themes. One such theme to be making its way in to the limelight is the maximalist look. Quickly summed up, maximalism is the exact opposite of minimalism. Instead of those lighter looks we’re used to, designers are instead looking for richer and bolder looks. But how can you too get this gorgeous look in your home? Well, a great place to start is with a key home decor item, a rug.

Shaggy Rugs

First rising to popularity in the 60’s, shaggy rugs are favoured for their beautiful texture. Shaggy rugs are perfect for the maximalist look since they offer that gorgeous pigmented colour and thick fabric. This really emphasises the opulent look that maximalism calls for. The best colours to look for in a shaggy rug are reds, purples, dark blues and blacks. These darker colours are ideal for really bringing character to a room.

Patterned Rugs

As we were saying earlier, maximalism is the opposite of minimalism. Get the idea of plain out of your head and instead get excited about patterns. Slowly creeping their way in to the interiors world, patterns have now found themselves to be homeowners favourites. Whether they be a funky leaf pattern, chevron or abstract look, patterns bring an abundance of life to a room. Using a patterned rug help to add dimension and fluidity to a floor which can help rooms to look and feel larger. Not only that, but they further help to add to the maximalist look within a room.

Traditional Rugs

You might be confused as to why a traditional rug would be on the list, what with us talking about maximalism being a modern look. However, traditional rugs have a truly beautiful aesthetic that makes them entirely timeless and versatile. Their unique look works perfectly for both aged and contemporary looks. Traditional rugs are in particular great for a maximalist home because of their rich, historical appearance. Pair these rugs with similarly luxurious accessories and you’ll have a prefect maximalist look in no time.

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The key thing to take away from this look is the use of vibrant and fresh colours matched with equally as character giving accessories. Whether you choose to go for a splash of colour or a moodier, sophisticated look, maximalism is set to stay and make a big impact on the interiors world in the coming years.

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  1. Great little rug although very bright red! We really like this rug. We ordered 2 to go on our covered screened porch in front of 2 large double-doors, and they fit perfectly. We did not want the flat, rough-feel of a typical outdoor rug, and since they are rarely exposed to the elements, we went for these. They aren”t thick and shaggy like the name suggests, but have just enough fluff to be comfortable on your feet. We have also vacuumed them quite a few times, thanks to a shaggy dog, and have not had any issues. Our only complaint


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