Styling your Home in a Provincial French Country Style


When you think of a French countryside, whether you’ve ever been or not, you likely imagine something like a tough barn amidst violet fields and happy sunshine.At heart, French country style is ladylike without being sugary, lively without being overly bright, welcoming without being too romantic and spontaneous without being messy.It blends an old-world style with cheerful colors, patterns, and materials to drive out any hints of dullness and heaviness, and it adjusts easily to inspirations from other decorating styles, even modern looks. It’s no wonder that French country never goes out of fashion due to its favorable characteristics of being warm, welcoming style is perfect for your home. If you would like to make it your own, read on for some great tips and ideas from professional designers and homeowners on how you can create a beautiful Provincial French country style home.

What are the basics of French Country Style?

The French Country style is famous of its basic features and characteristics like this style is an enviable blend of elegance and humble simplicity. Its given credibility by its old-world appealing, braced by the stability and presence of rustic finishes, and timelessly appealing with sophisticated curves and details.Because of its inherent contrasts and its warmth and casual elegance, French country style works as well in ancient estates as in country cottages and elegant mansions built today.

Provincial French Country Décor:


1. In the Bedrooms

An old iron garden gate would make a great headboard if you wanted to tie French Country into a bedroom. Use an old metal garden bench at the end of the bed as a sitting area. Dressers painted in warm, pastel colors and those distressed will bring that comfortable feel into the room.

2. In the Living Rooms

Typical of French Country interiors are pieces with contrasting texture and color. Pale plaster walls and ceilings are interrupted with dark rough wood beams. Colorful Provincial printed fabrics are set off against light-toned natural seating. Deeply cut window shelves hold tall, narrow windows. Shutters close to keep the hot sun out in the summer. Windows and doorways are encircled with wildly growing vines. The beautiful colors of the French countryside decorate fabrics used in French Country decorating. The traditional fabrics combine well with basic plaids, checks, and stripes in modern homes. Provencal prints combine shades of primary colors with greens, lavenders, and bright orange.

3. In the Kitchens

A French Country kitchen features lots of jars holding food staples. Find old covered jars at thrift shops or garage sales to duplicate the look. Add hand-painted labels or print them on your home printer. Use old quaint street or grocery signs for wall decor. Again, you can make your own. Just search out craft stores for inexpensive wall plaques or metal signs.

4. In the Dining Rooms

For a traditional French Country dining room, white-wash old mismatched chairs and use a round wrought iron patio or garden table for an inexpensive dining set. You can also have a large dining table, rectangular or round, must have a dull waxed or low-sheen finish. Curved and carved details grace dining and occasional chairs. Chairs are either ladder-back style or have vertical slats, often with rush seating. Old wooden boards work well, too. The focus here is on old and charming.

5. In the Bathrooms

Use wrought iron towel racks or old vintage wrought iron fruit bowls to hold towels and wash cloths. An old painted buffet as a vanity for the sink would be nice too.

6. In the Backyards

To enhance the look of your backyards use baskets, an old pitcher or copper pot, or clear glass vases hold flowers inside and out. The aim is to bring the wonderful colors and textures of nature into the home. Window boxes outside shout with the colors of whatever will grow. Geraniums and lavender are especially popular in this style.

By incorporating some or all of the elements mentioned here, you’re bound to have a wonderful French Country interior in your home.

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