5 Unique Family Holiday Photo Ideas

Unique Family Holiday Photo Ideas
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The holidays will soon be here! Family photos are perfect for sending holiday cards and capturing memories. Check out the ideas on this list for a unique theme. You’ll discover inspiration for festive pictures to proudly display at home or send to friends and family.

1. Festive Family Pajamas

Does your family love the tradition of wearing festive holiday pajamas? Show them off in your annual photo shoot! Family pajamas are a fun, easy way to coordinate everyone’s outfit. The bonus is that they’re super comfortable and make dressing easy.

There are pajama styles for every family, including classic holiday patterns and colorful seasonal prints. Wear matching snowflake PJs or a spirited holiday plaid. It’s fun to create Christmas cards with matching Disney pajamas or unique PJs with fruit or vegetable prints.

When taking pictures, you can pose in front of your fireplace or next to your holiday tree. Some families like to gather on the sofa or lounge on the bed. More ideas for a backdrop include your back deck or a spot in front of a large window. Celebrate your home and its comfort!

Family holiday pajama photos are perfect for large families and those with young children. It’s also a fun theme for a group who likes to keep things casual and comfy. This year’s holiday launches will give you plenty of inspiration for ultra-soft, one-of-a-kind pajamas for taking pictures. Complete your seasonal look with accessories like Santa hats or reindeer headbands.

2. Baking Holiday Cookies

Candid family photos will show off your family’s playfulness and creativity! Get into the holiday spirit by baking cookies. Have a photographer snap your shots while you pour flour and roll out your dough. They can take photos as you use cookie cutters and gather around the oven.

There are plenty of opportunities to capture sweet memories while you decorate with frosting and sprinkles. A clean, well-lit kitchen is all you need for the perfect backdrop. Select a fun cookie to photograph, like holiday sugar cookies or a classic chocolate chip recipe. Include colorful decorations in bright seasonal hues like metallic gold and cobalt blue.

Everyone in your family can wear holiday theme aprons. Choose a color that photographs well, like cherry red or slate blue. The whole family will look amazing in silvery snowflakes or evergreen trees if you prefer a seasonal print.

Wear neutral-colored clothing underneath in hues like brown sugar or cream. A long-sleeved cotton shirt and a pair of matching pants can be an excellent complement to a printed apron. More outfit choices include soft sweaters with leggings and tailored slacks with cozy turtlenecks.

Baking Holiday Cookies
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3. Hunting for a Tree

Some families wait all year to hunt for their Christmas tree. You can capture the excitement by taking your photos at the tree farm. These family pictures are unique for their picturesque backdrop of lush evergreen trees and festive holiday colors. Take candid shots while you search for a tree and capture photos while you load it onto the car.

Take a few posed or staged shots together in front of the rows of evergreens. It would be best if you also took some in front of your tree to show off your prize. Make the pictures extra special when your shoot is near sunset or sunrise. A snowy day creates memorable photos and unforgettable holiday cards.

What should you wear to take your photos? A warm jacket and scarf will look polished with a winter hat and cargo pants. A snowsuit and beanie or a sweater dress with cozy socks and leggings will help your holiday pictures stand out. Choose clothing colors that work well together, like navy blue and chocolate brown. Snow white and scarlet red will pop against the green trees.

Don’t be afraid to wear festive prints like tartan or Fair Isle. Layer a printed scarf or dress with neutral-colored boots or coats to create a warm and stylish look. Gather with your arms around each other or sit on a few tree stumps. The natural setting and family memories make this photo idea extra special.

4. Holiday at the Beach

If you live near the beach or vacation there every winter, you can celebrate your experience with a family photo shoot. Most people aren’t expecting a holiday card with a view of palm trees or the ocean. Your pictures will offer a slice of paradise while showcasing how everyone is growing.

This shoot calls for casual resort wear instead of jackets and sweaters. Imagine lightweight polo shirts and khaki shorts or tank top dresses with matching hair accessories. Don’t bother wearing shoes — all you need is the sand between your toes!

Traditional holiday colors like burgundy red or silver bell can help you coordinate your looks. Or you can go with a tropical theme and wear bright hues like salmon or teal. Poses and candid shots can help you get the photographs you’re looking for. You can even take separate images of the kids for a collage card.

Your photos will always stand out if they’re at the beach. For best results, you can take them at golden hour or the time before sunrise or sunset. The blue and white ocean waves will look majestic against the sky’s rich red and gold tones, while the beauty of nature will create the perfect complement to cards with warm holiday colors.

Holiday at the Beach
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5. Photos by the Fire

A crackling fire is symbolic of winter. It also makes a beautiful addition to your holiday photos! Get warm and cozy together in a family photo shoot by a campfire. You can take them during a camping trip or while relaxing in your backyard.

There are many unique ways to capture creative pictures while a fire is ablaze. Have your photographer snap candid moments of your family sitting in front of the flames or making s’mores together. Take photos while you enjoy a lively conversation or read an exciting holiday story.

When you finish your action shots, you can pose in front of the fire together. Line up your camping chairs or stand together arm in arm. Casual, festive clothing is best for this kind of shoot! Wear a holiday sweater with denim jeans or corduroy overalls with a cozy rib-knit top.

Since you’re all wearing something different, it’s best to choose a single pattern or a couple of seasonal colors. Flannel and plaid clothing with classic navy or forest green outerwear will make your photos look even more vibrant. These photos are meant to be fun and authentic. Do a silly pose or include your family dog!

Take Your Best-Ever Family Holiday Photos

Holiday photos should be a fun experience with lasting memories. You should also get enough good shots to make a festive card to send to friends and family. Pick a destination or a backdrop that fits your family’s style and personality. Then, choose clothing that matches the winter theme and makes you feel stylish yet comfy. A little planning can help you create your best-ever holiday photo experience!

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