Music for a Backyard Dinner Party in the Summer

Dinner Party

Whether you are contemplating a Dinner Party to wind down the summer season,some other special event to celebrate Backyard Dinner Party all Night., here is a playlist of summer-themed songs to keep the good times rolling and we remember this Dinner Party.

Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts

This one the No. 1 song of 1972 for good reason; it sounds light and breezy just like the title. It’s lyrics are about summer dreams and feeling good about just about everything: “…a little music from the house next door…summer breeze makes me feel fine…”

Wonderful World, Beautiful People – Jimmy Cliff

This song has a reggae, upbeat melody that talks about letting life takes its course, enjoying the ride, and that there is a reason for everything: “time will tell…time will tell…time alone will tell…oh yeah.”

Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

This is a hip-hop style summer party song about taking a break from it all and just putting on some music and enjoying the sun: “Give me a soft subtle mix…and think of summers of the past.”

In The Summertime- Mungo Jerry

This is a 70s backyard barbeque classic.The vibe is groovy and peppy, and it is definitely a feel-good tune: “In the summertime…when the sun is hot…and touch the sky…we go fishin’, we go sailin’ in the sea.”

Endless Summer Nights – Richard Marx

This has the 80s saxophone sound and a story of a love that was found during a summer that would never seem to end: “one more night…and I remember how you loved me…time was all we had…still recall the walks along the beaches…endless summer nights.”

Sun Daze – Florida Georgia Line

This song is about beach parties and country summer good times and not worrying about Monday morning: “I’m gonna wear my flip-flops and… Work a little less, play a little more..gettin’ my Sundays on.”

Margaritaville – Jimmy Buffet

No list is complete without this summertime anthem. This is the signature song of Jimmy Buffet’s repertoire, and it highlights a life of endless margaritas and contemplating the love he lost, with a bittersweet, but with an upbeat tempo and feel: “living on sponge cake…watching the sun bake…strumming my six-string…on my front porch swing…wasting away again in Margarataville.”

Joy Spring-Tito Puente

Even though its title says “spring,” the feel is all party and rejuvenation of hot summers and good friends getting together to dance and enjoy each other’s company. It is all instrumental and has a salsa feel and your guests won’t be able to resist getting up and dancing.

Sun is Shining – Bebel Gilberto

This vibe of this song is smooth and the singing is just as silky. It has an airy, beachy feel and makes you feel like you are in a summer dream: “Sun is shining…the weather is sweet.”

Vacation – The Go-Go’s

This is an 80s teen classic. The all-girls group gives a rollicking party beat that anyone could dance to while all the while singing about how great summer vacations really are when you are trying to forget the big breakup: “Vacations…all I ever wanted…vacations…had to get away.”

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