5 Cold Weather Health Hazards And How To Stay Safe


During winter, rapid temperature drops and severe weather can impact your health in a variety of ways, so it’s important that you recognize the warning signs and act accordingly. Earth Networks can help make this easy. With that in mind, here are five common health issues that you may experience in winter, and what you can do for future safety against weather:

  1. Cold/Flu

Although the colder climate does not directly cause you to get sick, the side effects of winter can make it easier for you to catch a disease. There are several theories as to why we get more colds during this season, but the fact is that you should take precautions no matter what.

Pro Tip: Boost your immune system by getting a flu shot as soon as possible. Be sure to wash your hands more often and avoid contact with sick people if you can.

2. Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real issue and can have some significant side effects. Therefore, be on the lookout for warning signs like sadness, fatigue, and sleepiness.

Pro Tip: Staying active can help alleviate symptoms, as well as taking a mild antidepressant. Always consult your doctor before taking any medication.

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3. Frostbite

In severe cases, this can cause your body parts to come off completely, so it’s crucial that you prevent it.

Pro Tip: Keep yourself warm as much as possible, particularly your feet and toes. If they feel extra cold, then heat them up slowly by any means to get the blood circulating again.

4. Hypothermia

Hundreds of people die each year from this condition, with the elderly being more prone to it than others. If you start feeling cold all over your body, it could be a warning sign.

Pro Tip: Bundle up and do whatever you can to get warm. If nothing seems to be working, call emergency services.

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5. Heart Attacks

Oddly enough, the number of heart attacks rises every winter. The reason is that the cold puts more pressure on your circulatory system, which can stress your heart.

Pro Tip: Staying active will keep your heart in good condition, but if you are already sedentary, then try to minimize strenuous activity.

In the end, weather monitoring systems will let you know when winter is in full effect, so be sure to stay informed, warm and safe.

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