Seasonal DIY Projects for Your Home

Here are some ways you can DIY Summer your house when the leaves change, the flowers bloom,DIY Projects for Your Home best way to keep Away From Temperature.

Sometimes it is not about changing entire rooms or putting on that addition to make your house feel new again, but it is simply about tweaking one or two small things here and there as the season’s change that can give your house a rejuvenating pick-me-up. Here are some ways you can DIY Spring your house when the leaves change, the flowers bloom, the first snowfall descends, and the temperature hits a balmy 90 degrees in the summer sun.Here are some ways you can DIY Projects your house when the leaves change, the flowers bloom, DIY Projects for Your Home best way to keep Away From Temperature.

DIY Spring

The best way to represent a change is with spring décor and that means welcoming all the blooms of spring into your home décor. Take the plants and the plant stands that normally sit around your home and freshen them up with makeshift hanging gardens.

Use spring flowers like buttercups, anemones, tulips, and the spring daffodil and transplant them into lined wicker baskets and use their handles to hang them up in a blank space in your home that needs something to spruce it up. Or you can place a basket of a variety of spring blooms near a hearth or in a foyer area to welcome anyone to your home.

Outside furniture can also serve as a focal point like an outside director’s chair or two that are painted with spring flowers and other symbols of the impending season and then use wire to attach different spring blooms all around the chair including placing an actual spring flower centerpiece on the seat. This can be put in any corner of a room of your choice or even on your porch as a welcoming centerpiece.

DIY Summer

As summer commences, the focal point of the home usually becomes the outdoor space, so what better way to accent an old space with new things than to create a fire pit that dazzles your guests.

You only need a medium-sized square plot of ground dug out just a few feet with bricks placed around the perimeter. Then line that perimeter with decorative stones of your choice. Fill the rest with an inch or two of soil, flatten it out and go to your local second-hand store and find an old hearth indoor fireplace log holder and place it in the pit. Then surround the space with decorative, mostly second-hand chairs that are either mismatched for a more eclectic look, or a uniformed set for a more elegant look. Accentuate the space with a fire-resistant storage bin for additional logs.

DIY Fall

Try a new hearth for fall with accent pumpkins that sparkle or have a velveteen exterior of varying sizes lining each side of the mantel and accentuated with fall blooms such as goldenrod, sage, oak leaf hydrangea, and a bit of color with pansies and violets. You can then tie it all together with a festive Autumn bunting that is either plain for you to decorate with your own symbols of fall, or you can pick one up at the local craft store already decorated. For added warmth in the evening, string some delicate lighting within the fall blooms and then turn it on and enjoy the glow of fall.

DIY Winter

Winter always brings a dedicated area for snowy boots and piles of coats and mittens, so what better way to spruce up that space then to create a makeshift mudroom with a winter theme.

Shop around for at least 3-5 medium-sized or even larger wooden crates at local craft or second-hand stores. Buy a wood stain of your choice that suits your current color scheme, or really go all out and find a wood paint or accent wood stain that complements what you already have but stands out just a bit more. Then stack the wood crates and nail them together at each base and take some 2x4s (already stained or painted to match), and attach them to the wall. Then secure the crates onto the boards. You can then find winter accent items including winter photos of the family, snowflake wall decorations and even some winter-themed books, and floor mats or rugs and place the items creatively around the crates to create a mudroom winter wonderland.

The great part about these DIY seasonal changes is that every season, you can create a different change in the same area that your family and friends actually look forward to seeing what you will come up with next!

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Scaffold Store, the favorite and trusted scaffold supplier of the largest contractors.

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