Thinking About your Kids when Deciding on a Staircase


Deciding on a new staircase for your home gives you the opportunity to unleash your creative side. There are so many excellent design opportunities available. Remember that, when you are making your decision, you should take into account any kids you have living with you. After all, they are going to be using the staircase too.

You need to ensure that the design which you choose is both practical and safe. In this article, we are going to examine some of the points that you need to consider.

Using a Child Safety Gate

Remember that, if you have young children, you will need to have child safety gates in place. Consider how you would fit these on the type of stairs that you are looking at. A staircase design may look great, but what effect will the installation of child safety gates have?

Gaps Between Stairs

Gaps between stairs are not always that easy to negotiate for adults; they can be disorientating. The situation is a lot worse when little legs are trying to climb the stairs to bed. This type of staircase may look cool, but it’s not entirely practical if you have young children.

Height of the Banister

Do not forget that children have to be able to hold onto the banister, when they are climbing a staircase. This gives them the balance they need, and helps to stop them from falling.

The Dangers of a Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase may be an eye-catching design feature in a home; but, it’s probably not a good idea if there are young kids in the property. Let’s face it many adults do not feel especially safe on this type of staircase, so kids are unlikely to enjoy the experience. Even if they do, there is an increased likelihood of them missing their step and tripping up.

Which Materials and Colours to Use

You may be looking at a beautiful glossy white staircase for your home, and thinking it will look amazing. But, how long will it continue looking that way, once it has come into contact with a child’s grubby hands. Yes, you may teach your kids to wash their hands regularly, but they are still likely to get up from their painting, and rush upstairs, to find a favourite doll to paint. In no time, the staircase is red and white. Think about using dark colours which do not show up dirt. You also need to choose materials that can easily be wiped down.

Choosing a new staircase for your home is not that easy, when there are kids to consider. You want them to remain safe, and you want the staircase to remain as clean and damage free as possible. This is why you need to pay so much attention to the design of staircase that you choose, as well as the materials which are used in its construction.

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