6 Ideas to Decorate Your Stair Risers


No staircase is complete without a decorated stair riser to give the stairway some pop. You should also think about the area around your stairway to make these risers stand out. Think about installing new hand railings and stainless steel balustrades leading up to the next level of the home.

When you invest money if you home that value is multiplied by 5 when you sell the house, so don’t be afraid to spend money. These don’t all have to be expensive additions to your home, instead, they can be cheap additions that your family will enjoy. Anytime you do construction around your home, you should build things that you will enjoy as well as adding resale value to your home.

Here are the 6 best ideas for decorating your stair risers.


Wallpaper is one of the cheapest additions you can add to your staircase to make them stand out. The best part about wallpaper is that you will have endless designs to choose between. If you have a theme you’re going for in your home, then picking out a wallpaper will be an easy decision. It’s important to pick something that matches the wood interior to accentuate its natural beauty.


This is a very simple addition that only requires a few coats of paint. Use some elbow grease and roll on whatever color you want. Make sure to cover the wood surface with paper and painting tape, so you don’t have to scrape excess paint off the wood surface.


Making a stencil can be a decorative way to design your staircase. These are easy to use and only require a small amount of paint. This will give your stairway a uniform look that your guests will appreciate. Try mixing up the color scheme to add another layer of appeal.


Carpeting is a common form of decoration for your home. If you live in a cold climate this the perfect way to keep your house warm and will provide a non-slick surface on your wood stairway. This doesn’t require a huge amount of carpeting, but you will want to have a professional installing it so you don’t have edges come undone.


One of the best decorations in your home, especially outside of your home, is tiles on your stair risers. These add a colorful appeal to your stairs that you will fall in love with. It will have you thinking about summer vacations in exotic countries.


Installing a chalkboard on your stair risers is a fantastic addition if you have small children. This gives your kids a safe space to draw on the house, and you will be able to enjoy your children’s artwork as you walk around your home. Chalkboards aren’t very appealing to look at, so must know going into this that your children will love it. If your kids won’t use this often it’s probably best to go with another design. However, if your child is an artist they will love you forever!

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