What are the Major Symptoms of Breast Cancer and How It can be Cured?


Health is Wealth…!

Yes! It’s a real treasure. When it’s a matter of health, it should not be taken for granted. Although every illness has a cure yet it never ensures safety of life and prevention from happening again. This is a matter with a Cancer.

Breast Cancer causes by uncontrolled growth of cells in breast tissues. It attacks on breast or can be spread on lymph nodes under the arm and around the collar bone. It’s more common in women as compare to men. It’s important to diagnose breast cancer at early stage so that it can be cured on time.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Here is the Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

  • Lump or Mass

Lump or mass in a breast tissue can be a sign of breast cancer but not necessarily. As not all breast lumps are cancer, it can benign. But women should be aware of many other symptoms too by self examination.

  • Swelling on Breast

If its swelling on breast or difference in breast size, over the small period of time that can be alarming.

  • Nipple Retraction

The nipple of breast inverts or turns inside.

  • Blood Discharge

A kind of discharge (blood or fluid) from nipples other then breast milk.

  • Skin Irritation

Having complaints of itching or skin irritation round breast areas, then it should be taken seriously.

  • Change in Breast Color

Redness of the skin or getting brown or pale can be a reason of breast cancer.

  • Change in Touch

You may notice your breast hard, warm and tender in touch.

  • Rash or Crusting

Rash on nipple and crusting of nipple skin

  • Dimpling of the Skin

It can be examined if dimpling or bump in the shape of breast is found.


There are many different types of treatment which are helpful in curing the breast cancer


Surgery is really helpful in the removal of tumor and tissues causing cancer by operation. Surgery is also used to examine the underarm or lymph nodes.

Lymph node removal

Sentinel lymph node biopsy helps in the removal of one or multiple lymph nodes.

Radiation therapy

It is use of high energy x-rays that helps in killing the cancer cells .Most common radiation treatment is called external beam radiation treatment. The intra- operative radiation is given from machine, outside of the body. When radioactive sources are placed into the tumor, it is called brachytherapy. Although brachtherapy is not widely used to treat the tumor but it can be prescribed for small cancers if it is not spread to lymph nodes.


It is an artificial breast form or external breast prostheses which are used by those breast cancer patients who have delayed or do not have reconstructive surgery. These are made of silicone or soft material. It can easily fix into routine bra and looks natural in appearance.

Systematic therapy

Systematic treatment is given by mouth or vein so that it can reach to the cancer cells by bloodstream which works throughout the body. It is given in three forms:

  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Hormonal therapy
  3. Targeted therapy


Chemotherapy is a kind of drugs that kills cancer cells and stops them growing again. It is given by intravenous (IV) tube which is placed in a vein by needle. It can also be given in form of pill or capsule that is swallowed. It is prescribed by doctor as not all breast cancer patients are given Chemo. Sometimes Chemo is given before surgery to shrink a large tumor or make surgery easier. It may also be given after surgery to reduce the risk of recurrence of breast cancer.

Hormonal therapy

Hormonal therapy is also used to treat the breast cancer. It’s also known as endocrine therapy. Fulvestrant s selective estrogen receptor downregulator (SERD) is given by injection. It is scientifically proved that it works better than drugs. Mostly two injections are given every two weeks. Blocking the cancer growing hormones can prevent recurrence and prevent deaths from breast cancer.

Targeted therapy

Target therapy is a treatment which treats breast cancer by targeting specific tissues and genes that causes cancer.

It blocks the spread and growth of cells which causes cancer.


To prevent breast cancer it’s most important to take few steps before it get too late.

As ratio of breast cancer among women is most common so it’s important for all women belong to any walk of life to give themselves full attention. First of all, complete physical checkup is essential twice or at least once in a year. Other than that taking proper healthy diet and avoiding taking harmful drugs can be precautions. Second women must be aware of different techniques of self examination.

It will be perfect to say Be Your own Doctor.

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