Help Kids Graduate from Cash by Teaching Them How to Write Checks

How to Write Checks

If your kids are old enough to get pocket money, it’s time to whip out the good old checkbook and teach them the basics. However, before you start, ensure your child has a solid grasp on how money works. The lesson for writing checks should also be preceded by a quick tutorial of how banks work and what are banking accounts. There are plenty of kid-friendly videos on YouTube that can help. Apart from these, your child should already know how to writing numbers and words. In short, a kid in elementary school typically has all the skills necessary to learn how to write checks. Here’re 5 simple steps.

Learn How to Write Checks

Step-1: Create an Interest

The first and the most important step is to get you kid interested in checks. Remember, kids love to imitate adults. This is why it’s important to start writing checks and making payment in front of your child. Once your child watches you write a check he or she will start developing a curiosity towards this seemingly ‘grown up’ task. Kids are fascinated by signatures and dramatic strokes of the pen. To fuel their interest, it’s a good idea to start by encouraging them to create their own signature.

Step-2: Go Over the Basics

Once your child is hooked, it’s time to lay down the fundamentals. Show him or her where to write the name of the recipient, date, and the amount. Give your child a lesson on good check writing practices such as drawing a line after writing the amount in words and staying within the lines and boxes. Once you cover the basics, it’s time to give your kid a checkbook. Find a checkbook for an unused checking account, scratch the account number and banking details, and gift your kid his or her first checkbook.

Step-3: Make Copies of the Check

Your kid will most likely be done with the first checkbook fairly quickly. To keep things fun encourage them to write funny memos such as “to Batman for a new Batmobile” or “to Santa for Christmas”. Once you run out of checks you have two option. You can make photocopies of a check, which honestly dampens the authentic look and feel. A better alternative is to find cheap checks online and order them in bulk. This way your kid gets to practice on the real thing.

Step-4: Practice, Practice, Practice

There is no skipping this step. To master check writing, it’s essential to keep on practicing. With each check, children are able to hone their skills and create consistent-looking signatures and improve their handwriting. After a few days of practice, your kid should be able to write checks like a pro.

Step-5: Take Them to the Store for a Practical Lesson

It’s important to incentivize kids for a job well done. Take your child to a toy store that accepts paper checks. Once there, allow your kid to pick up a toy, write a check, and pay at the POS counter. Considering your child doesn’t have a checking account, you may have to sign the check. Once the transaction is complete, your child will be able to garner the necessary confidence to learn how to write checks.

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