Your A-Z Guide To Taking Good Care of Brazilian Hair Weaves

Brazilian Hair Weaves

Hair extensions are becoming hot trend nowadays. They allow women to flaunt long and thick hair if they either have short and thin hair. One of the kinds of hair extensions that are extensively liked is the virgin Brazilian hair extensions which are attractive, natural looking, smooth and silky. However, with the perks of hair extensions, also comes some work. It is significant to keep your hair extensions under good care so that they do not damage natural hair and last long.

There are a lot of things that you can do to take care of the hair weaves and here is the A-Z guide to taking good care of the Brazilian hair weaves. You can follow simple tips at home that will help you take care of your Brazilian hair weaves without going to the salon that may be time and money consuming. The tips that are mentioned in this article are for both straight and curly hair, yet, curly weaves demand more work, yet it is possible to take care of it.

How to Care for Your Brazilian Hair Extensions

It is important that you have applied the weave under the supervision of a professional; this will ensure that the weave is easy for you to take care of and looks good. On the other hand, if not applied by professional hands then it is possible that it will come out much earlier than it should which will ultimately affect your natural hair causing them to break and damage. The eave should not be too close to the scalp because it will cause pain in the scalp and damage your hair.

Neither the weave should be attached too loosely to the scalp as it will come off and will start looking untidy in a very short time. And such a condition might cause you to spend more money. It is also important to attach the hair extension according to your hair type. If light hair, then too many extensions will break your natural hair as they will be heavy for the hair. Thus, it is clear that the Brazilian hair weaves should be taken good care of and here we are guiding you through some basic hair extensions care:

1. Moisturization

First and the most important thing for taking good care of the hair weaves is to keep the moisture in pace. Hair which is moisturized and clean is easy to style, is manageable and vibrant. While the hair extensions are not capable of obtaining moisture and nutrient directly from your scalp which means they require extra attention from you. So, keep your Brazilian hair weaves moisturized so that they look good always.

2. Cleaning Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

Cleaning your scalp and the extensions are important when you have virgin Brazilian hair extensions. In case you have an oily scalp then using dry shampoo is recommended as it will absorb the oil and clean your scalp as well as extensions. Washing your hair once a week with a mild shampoo is suggested. Start with the scalp and drag it down to the hair edges. Work your way slowly down to make sure none of your hair gets tangled.

3. Coloring and Bleaching Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair Weaves

One your Brazilian hair weaves is on your scalp, always be careful when thinking of coloring or bleaching them. Weaves that made up of 100% human virgin hair can be colored or bleached to the desired color. However, passing Brazilian hair weaves through the process of coloring and bleaching will remove moisture from them, making it dry. Weaves already go through some processes when they are curled, straighten/ waved for achieving the desired look so making them pass through another process of bleaching and coloring will damage them. For Brazilian hair weaves goo care it is recommended not to bleach or color them.

Yet, if you have decided to go through the bleaching process and get the Brazilian weaves colored then look for a less harsh bleaching product. Furthermore, never ever try bleaching and coloring your hair extensions on your own. Visiting a professional hair stylist is highly suggested as they know what your hair condition is. In case, you tried doing it yourself and end up ruining it, your hair will be badly damaged.

Now that you have dyed or bleached your hair, taking good care of the Brazilian hair weaves becomes more important. Deep-conditioning the hair extensions after dying and bleaching them.

4. Conditioning your Brazilian Weaves

If you have washed your hair with the mild shampoo, using a light conditioner is advised for keeping the hair weaves smooth and silky. Once a month, deep-condition the hair. If you have gone through the process of bleaching or dying, then it is advised to take deep-conditioning treatment every two weeks so that Brazilian hair weaves are taken good care of. Contrary, if you do not follow this, then your hair will break and damage your real hair.

5. Drying Brazilian Hair

After washing the hair extensions, it is a universally accepted rule to let the hair dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer. You can use a clean towel to just pat dry your hair after washing them. After which you should leave them to dry naturally. In case, it is urgent and using a hairdryer is needed then set it to medium in order to minimize heat exposure.

If your hair is wet or damp, then do not go to the bed for sleep as this will increase the chances of hair getting frizzy and tangled which will not good for your Brazilian hair weave. Hair dryer is relatively ok for straight hair but if you have curly or wavy hair then totally avoid them.

6. Wide Tooth Comb

When you have washed your hair make sure you have rinsed out the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly so that nothing is left for buildup. As left behind product will impact the scalp negatively. Pat-dry your hair with a towel or cloth. For taking good care of the Brazilian hair weaves it is recommended not to use a hairdryer as frequent use of dryer will damage the hair extension. While untangling your hair use a wide toothed comb or a weave brush to carefully comb the hair. Divide hair into sections and work slowly from ends up to the head. This will ensure that no tugging and pulling is caused which will save the hair from damage.

Above was a guide for you to taking good care of the Brazilian hair weave. Hope that this would help you and your idea about carefully looking after the hair extensions would have become clear.

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