Master Class – Take Your Cooking To A Whole New Level In 4 Simple Steps


Unsurprisingly, cooking is the main domestic task that people report wishing to have better skills in. We consume an average of three meals a day, so it makes sense that even the best home cooks have a desire to level up their skill set.

With a world full of recipes at our fingertips, it seems illogical to stick to a standard collection of dishes. However, many people do purely because they’re afraid of more challenging recipes. Not every meal you whip up is going to taste delicious, as mistakes are a part of life and a massive factor in how we learn. Here are four tips that will help you level up and build the confidence to be cooking tasty new recipes in next to no time:

Assess your Environment

Many people have a kitchen that they don’t love being in and that’s their first mistake. Renovating isn’t an option for most of us but you’d be surprised how much difference having a high-quality cookware set can make. The tools you use and the way you feel while cooking has a big impact on the standard of your dishes. If you really want to level up your game, don’t feel bad about investing in some new decor and quality equipment to get the job done right.

Plan it out.

Grocery shopping and meal prep offer tremendous value other than mundane chores that keep us fed. Don’t let the tediousness of shopping hold you back from creating great dishes. Find new recipes online that excite you and add the ingredients to your grocery list, even if it’s only one new meal a week.

If you’re scared that you’ll end up going hungry if it doesn’t turn out right, simply add an extra meal to your plan. You can easily freeze meal prep containers for future use if your new creation is wonderful. By planning to challenge yourself regularly, you make try new things part of your routine which by extension helps improve your skills as you’ll be learning new techniques and recipes.

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Be Patient and Persistent

Rome wasn’t built in a day so you can’t expect your fabulous new cooking skills to appear overnight. If you’re looking to speed up the improvement you can try isolating new skills and practicing them repeatedly. Remember not to get discouraged if things don’t always turn out right the first time.

Bonus Tip: Observe

This one is last because it won’t work for everyone but is still worth trying. If it’s your thing, watching cooking shows on television or online can help you level up your skills set. By observing the correct way to do things, you can absorb information far easier than just reading a recipe, trying it out and hoping for the best. Don’t stress if this doesn’t work for you because it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you enjoy it it can be quite useful.

Cooking is a hard skill to learn and improve. Many people who have been studying the craft their entire life still can’t cook every dish under the sun. Try new things, move at your own pace and indulge yourself with the best equipment and delicious dishes that you can now cook. As long as you stick with it, your skills will grow in next to no time.

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