Mommy’s Morning Self Routine

Mommy’s Morning Self Routine

Over the years I’ve come to learn just how important it is to have a solid morning routine. When you have a solid morning routine then it helps you to remain productive as well as it enables you to accomplish your small or big goals of the day, weeks, months and eventually years. I believe in implementing some of these really important steps into your morning routine because it can help moms to remain mentally and physically fit. So, the mama’s like me can achieve short term and long term goals. I personally want to say that if you are planning on establishing a morning routine then try not to overload yourself with too many tasks. Because we probably realize that the more we are expecting from ourselves to accomplish each day’s tasks, the harder it is to maintain the level of productivity and consistency. So the less you have in your plate, the less expectations you are going to have. So start with little tasks, if you are able to work with that for 3 to 6 months at a time and then you can build up. My morning routine consists of 5 different tasks. I can share the 5 components of my morning routine. Moms like me must give it a try.

Step1: Take 5 minutes for Gratitude

So the first thing I do every morning is taking 5 minutes gratitude. As moms, we all know that sometimes the next day creeps into our dream. We can’t even find peace in our sleep. Suddenly, the moment we open our eyes, we are either bombarded with a lot of work for kids or family. So when you wake up early or if you have 5 minutes upon your alarm going off, just sit in stillness and think about that you have roof over your head, your family is safe and last you have food to consume. So try to take out 5 minutes every day to create that positive energy. I promise you that you will carry it in the rest of your day and have a positive impact on your day.

Step 2: Avoid Phone for 30 minutes

The second component of my morning routine is a new one, but probably is one of the most important components of my morning routine and that is upon waking up each morning, I avoid using my phone for at least 30 minutes. I know that probably I don’t need to share this one, but trust me I can’t even explain that how much it has worked and helped me in setting my routine. Just in case, I believe that we lose a lot of power and the energy we want to create in ourselves and in our families. When we pick up the phone and we scroll up and look at the news that’s happening around the world or getting an email from the person we are were not expecting, it can really shift the tone of beautiful morning. We should start the day by creating energy what we want to create in our home within ourselves. It really amplifies positive feelings. So when you are at home, in bed or with family, try to take a time to create positive energy and don’t waste your power away on social media.

Step 3: Drink a glass of Lime Water

So the third component of my morning routine is to drink a glass of lime water. A lot of people drink lemon water but lime water actually maintains the body weight. It’s an alkaline drink. It helps to reduce a lot of mucus that is formed in our body when we are eating junk and inflammatory foods. So it actually makes you feel good. I’m incorporating this in my morning routine from the last 5 to 6 months. That’s something I plan on continuing in 2020. I personally tried this and it really worked so I want you all to give it a try and see that you will feel better.

Step 4: Have a Nutritious Breakfast

The fourth component of my morning routine is to make sure to have a simple but nutritious breakfast. Again this is basic but sometimes you know as a mom, it’s really hard to get the nutrition that we need in the morning when we are trying to run around and take care of everybody else. I tried to simplify it as much as I could. I bought some packaged grains, super fruits, vita-mix, and milk for nutritious breakfast. Even if I’m having the same smoothie every single morning, at least I know that I’m getting some fiber, antioxidants. I’m having something that’s going to sustain me for hours until my next meal. Make sure that you are getting something nutritious every morning to sustain your energy as a mom so that you don’t feel like low at any time in the day.

Step 5: Spend Quality Time with Family

The final component of my morning routine which I take as the most important one is to spend some quality time with kids and husband. Probably this is also the most challenging one because in the morning when you have school going kids, moms are in a hustle trying to get lunches together for kids, getting them dressed and dropping them to school. Even if we can take just 3 minutes to put on a song and ask them if they are excited about going to school. Try to have a moment to set a positive tone for them and also help them to transfer positive energy that recreated upon our gratitude and avoiding phone in the morning. Try to share out things with your children so that they don’t feel bombarded by all of the hustle and bustle. In my opinion, we can easily do this by incorporating a small amount of quality time. Do something that makes them happy.

I highly recommend you to read “The Morning Sidekick Journal” to form new morning habits quickly. It will give you pro tips and will make you accountable.

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