Housewarming Party Ideas For New Homeowners


Moving into a new home is a lot of things—exciting, exhausting, overwhelming, and maybe a bit disconcerting.

But you know what else it is? Cause for a celebration! After all, there’s nothing like inviting your dearest friends, family, and new neighbors into your home for a casual get-together to make your new house feel like a home. But before you add “throw housewarming party” to your new home checklist, you’ll want to think about what exactly it will entail.

So if you’ve moved into a new home, or moving is on the horizon, here are a few ideas to make your housewarming party the best—and least stressful—it can possibly be.

Give yourself plenty of time to get settled.

As eager as you may be to have friends over as soon as you’re in your new home, you’ll want to give yourself enough time to get at least somewhat settled.

That means unpacking your kitchen, having some seating available, and setting up at least one bathroom.

Depending on how fast you unpack, that could mean waiting anywhere from one month to three or six. It also depends on how finished you want to have your home before you invite people in: Do you mind having a few boxes sitting around? Artwork waiting to be hung?

Your guests won’t mind—that’s likely what they’re expecting—but it’s important to recognize your own comfort level as well.

Consider hosting a drop-in instead of a formal party.

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Housewarming parties are especially well-suited to drop-ins, as they’re less formal and having a range of times can allow more people to show up without worrying about being late.

Invite guests to stop by between, say, 1 and 4 p.m. instead of offering only a start time.

Simple, yet eye-catching decorations

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. After all the boxes are unpacked and the furniture is in place, it’s time to celebrate with a housewarming party. Of course, you’ll want your new home to look its best for the occasion. Here are a few tips for decorating your house for a housewarming party. First, consider your guest list when choosing decorations. If you’re expecting young children, you’ll want to avoid fragile items or anything that could cause a choking hazard. Second, take advantage of your home’s natural features. If you have beautiful hardwood floors, use them as a starting point for your decorating scheme. Third, don’t forget the outdoor space. Your front porch or back patio is the perfect place to set up some comfortable seating, string up some festive lights, and put in a welcoming inflatable character or sign. they will ensure a smooth welcome and will become the object of starting a conversation. Custom blow-up inflatables come from a simple “Welcome” sign to a larger-than-life inflatable of your favorite character. By following these tips, you can ensure that your house is ready to welcome guests on moving day.

Choose simple and/or easy food.

Unless you’re waiting until you’re almost fully unpacked to host your party, making a grand, involved meal is probably fairly low on your list of things you want to undertake!

Choose simple foods that are suited to the time of day—cheese and veggie trays with dips for the afternoon, bagels, pastries, and coffee if you’re hosting something during the morning. You can even host a dessert party in the evening, complete with an array of sweets (just be sure to offer something to cut the sweetness—perhaps some cheese or fruit).

Always include your new neighbors!

You’re celebrating moving into a new home, and your neighbors are an important part of this new phase!

If you haven’t already introduced yourself by the time you’re getting invitations together, make sure to walk over and do so before you invite them to the party.

Housewarming party etiquette says not to start a housewarming gift registry

Some stores do offer housewarming registries, but traditionally housewarmings are focused on filling your new home with people, laughter, and liveliness—not new things.

What’s more, asking guests to bring a gift can put them in an awkward situation, as they feel obligated to bring something even if they don’t know you well (like your brand-new neighbors) and haven’t seen your home.

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Housewarming parties are a wonderful way to start your new chapter in your brand-new home. By focusing on fun and warmth, and keeping things low-stress, you’ll be sure to have a party that everyone enjoys—including you!

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