Pros and Cons of Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

All those Couple who are either married or engaged know what hassles and challenges come with it during every step of life. Whether you are long time love birds, or those who are planning on tying the knot together, there is no one in this world who does not have problems in their relationship. Believe it or not, but all real relationships have their ups and downs, which need to be tackled wisely. Otherwise you will end up getting into and going out of one every other year, just like movies. But, that isn’t how it works in real life. It is completely different from what you see on social media. Nobody’s perfect! However, when things go haywire, instead of making decisions on your own, it is better to seek counselling.

What is Couples Counseling?

Whenever someone talks about visiting a counselor, the first thing that pops up in their minds is seeing a shrink. Either because they are crazy, or they have some serious problems in their lives. However, couples counseling is perceived in a different way. It is an attempt to bury the hatchet, or in more simple terms, it is an attempt to solve interpersonal conflicts between a couple.

Moreover, couples work with therapists and counselors such as who are licensed to resolve conflicts in their attempts. The session revolves around questions and answers, along with insights given by the clinician. It isn’t like your everyday argument where one speaks and the other one listens. Both sides get to speak about their concerns and ask their part of the questions in a systematic way, seeking to begin the process of understanding among the two.


According to the specialists, in order to maintain a healthy relationship, the couples should have a mutual understanding between each other. They should be non-judgmental, have a fresh attitude and a proper perspective regarding their issue. However, there are certain pros to this idea of visiting a shrink, which have been mentioned further.


The concept of asking for help is one of the greatest advantages of marriage counseling. This shows how important it is for the coupes to improve their marriage, depicting their interest in resolving the issues and moving further with their lives together. However, those who try to resolve issues themselves go very deep, making it impossible to resolve the marriage. Just because they did not call out of help earlier, due to their lack of interest and carelessness towards their relationship.

Resolves Conflicts

Every counselor’s duty is to enlighten you with ides and tips to improve your marriages, which you couldn’t have thought of all by yourself. You will remind about the benefits of communication, without which all efforts go to vain.

Different Perspective

Automatically when you talk to someone about your problems, your perspective changes. It makes you more hopeful and determined towards making a change and working through the issues that you have been facing.


One of the main reasons behind visiting a counselor and not talking to your friends or collogues is because they are unbiased. They will help you overcome your problems with additional insights because they are trained to do so.


Although couples counseling has a lot of benefits, the main disadvantage is that people tend to talk about their past issues, which can give rise to new problems and conflicts.


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