7 Awesome Health and Lifestyle Benefits You Get By Using a Bean Bag

Bean Bag

Back in the day, Bean Bag were the go-to furniture piece for children, teenagers, and college students. The idea of a full-grown adult using a bean bag never really crossed anyone’s mind. Times have changed for the better, and while you won’t find bean bags in a professional setting, they are essential to every home. Get over your traditional thoughts of bean bags and see what has changed over the years.

7. The Designs Have Changed

Gone are the days when bean bags looked like giant marshmallows with bad fabric. Now there are so many different styles that you can fit it into any theme. They even have designer bean bags! All of this may come as a surprise to you if it has been a while since getting a bean bag chair. And it isn’t just about different colors, new designs also incorporate shapes and sizes. They have bean bags that are now in the shape of a full-sized sofa. For something more low key, a bean bag in the shape of a loveseat is perfect for the corner of any room. It has all of the advantages of comfort without any of the drawbacks with weight.

6. Recommended For Pregnancies

The many changes that women go through while pregnant is well documented. One of those changes is lack of comfort, even with furniture that was once perfect. Bean bags have become the most recommended furniture for pregnancy, joining memory foam compatible products as a huge competitor. Bean bags are great for sufferers of back pain and stiff joints. The way the chair conforms to the shape of the person on it is an advantage that few products have. Are you pregnant and have developed insomnia? Don’t be surprised if sitting in a bean bag puts you to sleep quicker than a bed. For maximum comfort, getting a large size is recommended for someone going through pregnancy. This gives them the option of stretching out more as they grow.

5. Easier To Clean

Those nooks and crannies that are hard to reach in furniture are nonexistent for bean bags. It is one full, perfectly molded chair with no secret cracks or crevices. You won’t find a pocket of dust, old food, and change in a bean bag chair. And since it is easier to clean, that is less time spent worrying about areas you can’t properly get to. Overall, a bean bag is more germ-free than a regular piece of furniture. Homeowners that are serious about their hypoallergenic products can’t ignore this feature. Bean bags also take up less space than furniture with the same features. When you need to fit a bean bag into a corner, it takes only a couple of seconds to make it fit.

4. You Can’t Argue About The Price

Pound for pound and size for size, bean bags are lower priced than other furniture. This is something to think about when adding it as a compliment to existing furniture in a home. Specialized chairs like lay-z-boys can be replaced by a bean bag to save a lot of money. The money you save buying a bean bag can go to improving other areas of your home. This is an often-overlooked pro of owning a bean bag. Buyers on a budget (and even buyers that like saving money) can get a lot out of bean bags as an additional component. It doesn’t have to be the star of the room it is in, and that only plays to the strengths of owning one.

3. Still Perfect For Children And Teens

Children and teens have kept the bean bag industry alive so that it can continue to evolve. A bean bag is a perfect companion for an age group that tends to be rough with traditional furniture. When you hear about a bean bag breaking, it is usually after years of abuse. Bean bags are tough and can hold up against the worst of treatment by the younger age groups. That feature leads to parents having to replace less broken items in their kid’s rooms. It is a win-win situation where one person gets the comfort they want and another gets the peace of mind they need. In the event that a bean bag breaks down, replacing it becomes a trivial affair.

2. Improved Quality For Babies

The general myth about bean bags and babies is that it was a bad mix. Parents worried that leaving their child on a bean bag would lead to suffocation. Many of the changes in the way bean bags are made make this unlikely, especially with breathable materials that circulate air constantly. There is even a line of specially made bean bag products for babies that is safe and recommended by hundreds of reviewers. If you can let your baby sit on normal furniture, then it is just as safe to put them on a bean bag. It is close to the ground, so sitting down and getting up becomes a more natural movement.

1. Highly Customizable

How many pieces of furniture from a brand name can you have personalized? The feature of personalization is not explored enough when filling a living area. Being adaptable to any style proves that bean bags are perfect for creative thinkers. Instead of searching vigorously for a piece of furniture that fits your mold, you can instead mold a bean bag as you wish. This includes getting larger variants, one with patterns or even making something completely unique. Great custom made bean bags can really change the flow of a room.

Wrap Up

Bean bags have changed for the better for personal and professional use. Find the type that you like the most and make it a part of your life. And if a birthday or holiday is coming up, consider handing it out as a gift. There is no better time than now to exercise your right to be comfortable.

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