How to Overcome the Common Fears Holding You Back

Overcome the Common Fears

We all experience phobias.

For some, it’s the thought of a creepy crawler scuttling across the floor. Or, being trapped in enclosed spaces. Many have a fear of heights or can’t stand the sight of a needle.

Would you let these hold you back?

Probably not because they’re rational — they aren’t disrupting your day.

But what about those big fears? The ones that prevent you from making commitments and accomplishing your goals throughout life. Ones that do the real harm.

The Fear of Missing Out

We browse our social feeds and feel a mix of joy and sadness. A joy that friends and family are having a good time but a sadness because we’re stuck in our own lives. This fear of missing out often sends people down the wrong path. It’s often mixed with trying to appeal to a crowd that you don’t quite fit in with and alienating the relationships you have present. You begin to sacrifice your well-being just to check off bucket list items.


It’s good to understand that it’s a façade in what you see online. You’re seeing but a highlight reel of someone’s life – the rest of the time they’re like you… wishing they could do something else. What makes it happen is grinding through the tough parts, so you can enjoy the good. It’s about saving extra to afford that trip or going without, so you can keep focused on accomplishing these big goals.

The Fear of Sobriety

Many go about their day-to-day activities under the influence. It could be with alcohol to prescription drugs. Most have lost control and have an unwarranted fear of sobriety because they’ve become complacent with their health and how they feel. They’ve lost the understanding of the clear-headedness of sobriety. Worse is their heightened fear of the withdrawal symptoms. It’s possible to overcome these addictions using outpatient rehab centers. Here you will find staff experienced in both physical and psychological treatments to increase success rates and prevent relapse. Removal of a toxic addition will provide the energy and well-being needed to tackle tough choices head-on rather than relying on a crutch.

The Fear of Workplace Conflict

Fearing the repercussions when asking for more hours at work will make the job miserable. The question of “do they truly appreciate me?” goes unanswered. By avoiding this conflict, you are missing out on hundreds or thousands of extra dollars every year. The fear of conflict in the workplace is another reason why so few start a business. Complacency in a position prevents an employee from expanding their understanding of the industry and marketable skills. They feel as if their moonlighting would cause termination. There are better opportunities – usually in entrepreneurship. Ask the tough questions and place yourself in difficult situations to get a real-world understanding of leadership. Then, take your skills and start something of your own.

The Fear of Relationship Commitment

Many fail to commit because they feel they’re giving up something. This is true in many regards – over time those edges get dull – but they were likely fading, anyway, with the sands of time. You’ll find yourself wishing you had taken that chance to connect with someone. It comes a lot of ways:

• Dating

• Marriage

• Having children

Or, a little less intense like just spending more time with them.
When you let commitment get in the way… you fail to challenge yourself. You’re always halfway in but halfway out. You never quite become an expert. With that, you get distracted and frustrated leading you on to something new. Something to hold your attention until the process repeats. Instead: commit to those relationships and give it your

100% on where it will take you.

Don’t be afraid.

Your turn: What are the big fears holding you back from success?

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