25 Amazing Things To Do On Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Planning a perfect day for your mum needs preparation, dedication, and passion. Well, you can surprise her by getting any Mother’s Day gifts! But, we’re here to plan something beyond that! As they say, time is the most precious gift you can give to anyone—keeping this in mind, we’re going to tell you some fun-loving yet meaningful activities you can do on Mother’s Day. So, move out of that couch and pick any one idea for Mother’s Day to bring a wide smile to her face.

1. Wow Her With a Handmade Painting

Handmade Painting - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Beautiful memories are often inexpensive! Talk, laugh, share secrets, and do what makes her feel complete. In between your happy conversation, hand over a beautiful handmade painting made by experts! This present, undoubtedly, adds meaning to the moment and makes her realize what she means to you!

2. Watch a Movie

Watch A Movie

When was the last time you watched a movie with her? Ask her on a movie date or play her favorite movie on your desktop. Watching movies with your loved ones helps in enriching the bond. And it’s the go-to way to spend quality time without any interruptions!

3. Take Her on a Dinner Date

Take Her On A Dinner Date

Sounds romantic? Of course, it is. See, mom was the first who consoled you when you went through your first heartbreak. Isn’t she darling? For her, plan something special like taking her out on a dinner date. Let her munch on her favorite meal. Take selfies, chat, and make memories that last forever!

4. Help Mom Out in the Garden

Help Mom Out In The Garden

Let her do what she wants, even on Mother’s Day. If she wants to get her hands dirty with gardening, just be with her. Help her with whatever tasks she assigns you, and listen to her talks in between planting, watering, and composing.

5. Go to the Beach

Go To The Beach

Does your mom love beaches? If so, take her to the most serene and beautiful beaches nearby. If she’s sort of an athlete, play frisbee! If not, walk with her and talk about life. It’s a beautiful experience to have conversations with mom while walking on the seashore.

6. Go on a Shopping Spree

Go On A Shopping Spree

She won’t ask you to buy the most expensive dress for herself. But it’s cute to have her favorite outfit bought by you on Mother’s Day. Introduce her with different clothes and accessories—make her feel like the special queen!

7. Cook for Her

Cook For Her

Even if you’re not a master chef! Learn through YouTube videos, or Instagram stories, but get your hands-on cooking. It’s fun to have her favorite pasta cooked or cookies baked on her special day!

8. Have a Photoshoot

Have A Photoshoot

It’s indoor fun. And she’s gonna love this Mother’s Day surprise idea. Ask her to get dressed, put on some makeup, and set a mesmerizing background by yourself at home, and here you go! This way, you can get nice pictures of her, and also show off your photography skills!

9. Host a Mother’s Day Backyard Barbecue

Mother’s Day Backyard Barbecue

Try another way to win her heart. However, you may need your boys’ or father’s assistance to plan a backyard barbecue. Trust me that this idea will be worth your effort. This way, she and her loved ones can enjoy their favorite booze with sizzlingly hot and spicy barbecue meat.

10. Rent a Car

Rent A Car

The best way to surprise your gearhead mom is to rent her favorite car and go on a long drive. It will be an exhilarating experience to see your mum driving her dream car, leaving every obligation behind, and being present in the moment.

11. Play a Game

Host A Lawn-Game

Not board games or outdoor activities, but an interview game! Along with your siblings, you can conduct an interview with your mom and ask what you eagerly wanted to know from her. Ask her about the most awkward moment in high school, romantic times with your father, or perhaps, some wildest thing she has done in the past 😀

12. Get Books for Mommy

Get Books For Mommy

If she gets lost by reading books; giving a one can be the best plan on Mother’s Day. See, you’ve got plenty of options—you can give her novels of mystery and crime genre, or fictional ones, or the ones she prefers to read in her spare time!

13. Visit a Winery

Visit A Winery

A one-day trip is also fun if you plan it with the woman of the hour. You enjoy a plethora of divine taste wine, explore a lovely location, learn history, and what else do you need to make her day bright?

14. Host a Lawn-game


No matter which backyard activities you host she’s going to enjoy it. Take full advantage of the warmer weather and get your feet in backyard activities. Mother’s Day is the perfect day to enjoy lawn games such as cornhole, bocce ball, volleyball, and games she played in her childhood.

15. Book a Massage Appointment

Book A Massage Appointment

Gift her wellness and turn Mother’s Day into a fun spa day. Set her up with a massage appointment—it’s essential for her to have good skin that promotes a good mood that can make her day refreshing!

16. Get Back to Surfing

Get Back To Surfing

Is she a surfing mom? If yes, then you have to make some effort to get her back to surfing. The fun part is you can even join her and learn those skills that kept your mom fit and focused.

17. Explore Historic Sites

Explore Historic Sites

If she loves history, take her out to sites on Mother’s Day. There won’t be any dull moment when you’re exploring historical monuments with your mom. Plus, you can gather other family members as well as it’s fun to listen to historical stories and facts in the group.

18. Take Her To Concert

Take Her To Concert

Take your mom to her favorite artist’s live show or local musical event to indulge in nostalgia. Let her display her love for good music. This way, you can turn her regular evening into a magical and musical one!

19. Record Her Day

Record Her Day - Mother's Day Ideas

This is a no-brainer plan—from morning to evening, record her and make a home movie out of those clips. Talk, dance, sing or offer a hand in her job. Make it look as if you’re enjoying every moment with her. On Mother’s Day eve, display the movie which you have made for her and steal the show!

20. Go Camping

Go Camping

Go camping and enjoy the late spring with your mom! Mother’s Day need not be fancier, it must be enjoyable, fun, and peaceful—It’s the best plan for nature-loving moms as it let them connect to nature and unplug them from a hectic schedule.

21. Head Out to Sea

Head Out To Sea

Plan a mom’s day out for open ocean fun. Go boating as it is affordable and also allows you to have meaningful conversations with your mom under the sun. Plus, you can plan it with other family members and friends as well.

22. Schedule a Fishing Trip

Schedule A Fishing Trip

Who says it is just for dads? Even your mom can find chills in fishing. If she loves it, schedule a fishing trip on Mother’s Day. Let her connect with nature—head out to your local lake and invest in learning fishing with your mom.

23. Book a Bungee Jumping Trip

Book A Bungee Jumping Trip

Take her on a bungee jumping trip and give her a thrilling experience. Make sure you book it only if she is willing to since It’s not recommended for acrophobia. You need to figure out what she likes and then go for the thrill!

24. Go on a Bike Ride

Go On A Bike Ride

This Mother’s Day activity will absolutely be loved by her. It falls in the may that is known for the best riding months. It’s best if you take out some time and ask her for a bike ride as it can give immense pleasure to sport enthusiastic mom.

25. Enjoy at Amusement Park

Mother's Day Celebration

This Mother’s Day, buy tickets for the big game. Take your leading lady to a place where she can able to forget all of her mommy’s obligations and duties. Theme parks can be a great place to experience good fear—it fosters the bonding shared between children and their mothers.

In Conclusion

You’ve just read the most fun-loving and meaningful ideas to do on Mother’s Day. Before sharing them with you, we had done a lot of brainstorming and research. Most people go for Mother’s Day gifts. But you try your way by picking any of the above-mentioned activities to win her heart. Especially the idea of wowing your mother with a handmade painting. Now, it’s your turn. Which one are you picking out for your mum? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comment section!

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