Amazing Ideas for Your Living Room Chaise Lounge

Living Room Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges are extremely underutilized pieces of furniture. Take the living room, for instance. It’s often placed there and forgotten about as the sofa, and accent chairs tend to get more use. However, a well-decorated chaise lounge has a lot to offer in a functional living room.

It provides relaxation, but it also has an artistic, decorative element. Selecting a style that looks best in your home can be a challenge as you want it to blend with the existing furniture. Here are a few ways you can incorporate a chaise lounge to enhance your living room décor.

If minimalism is the style you choose for your home, two chaise lounges in the living room will be the right fit. Position them inward for relaxing while you converse. This idea also works if you have a small living room or a large one and want to create a lounging area. When a fireplace is part of your layout, position the lounges close to it, and you’ll have a romantic getaway right in the home.

A chic, classic chaise lounge placed under a window really helps the area stand out without being obtrusive. Pull back the curtains and relax in the natural light. Place the chaise next to the window with the best view and take some time to enjoy the scenery. It’s a way to get close to nature when you may not be up to going outside.

Set up your living room chaise lounge as an accent piece. Low-profile chaises are perfect in contemporary living room designs. Get one the same color or print as your sofa’s accent pillows to really breathe some life into the space. Create a contrasting color scheme or go with a monochromatic look. Either way, the chaise will be a welcome addition to the room.

Do you use the living room as the entertainment room also? Is relaxing in front of the tv while you watch your favorite movies a pastime of yours? If so, angle your lounges in the most comfortable spot for viewing the tv. The minimalist design of the lounge won’t detract from the focal point, which is most likely the large television set.

Chaises definitely enhance the aesthetic of the space, but what about functionality. Keeping your household organized can often be challenging. That is especially true of the living room space as it gets heavy daily traffic.

A sofa with a chaise attached often comes with a hollow drum you can use for storage. This hidden compartment goes unnoticed until you lift the seat to reveal a treasure trove of goodies. Do you have a stack of magazines you’re not ready to let go of? Then stash them inside the chaise lounge.

Stowaway throw blankets and pillows for days you want to get cozy on the sofa. Depending on your living room needs, you can find plenty of unique ways to take advantage of the great features offered by chaise lounges.


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