Decoration Ideas for Children’s Room

Children's Room

So much effort and time go into designing a perfect room for your child. When deciding on how you want to decorate a nursery or playroom, it is important to consider such things as the age of your kid, his/her interests, the size of the room, the theme he/she going for, and more. Dragons of Walton Street is a company that not only creates incredible high-end children’s furniture but also offers professional decoration advice on all stages of planning your room. Here, you can discover stunning furniture designs that will be perfect for every kid.

Decoration Themes for Kid’s Rooms

The hand-painted furniture by Dragons of Walton Street has been bringing joy to children for more than 40 years. And for over 30 years, this brand has been helping with designing beautiful and functional rooms for all kinds of purposes. With this furniture, you can create anything, from a nursery room for the smallest babies to fun playrooms for active kids of different ages. There are several design lines available at Dragons, and it is easy to choose one that will be perfect for your child. From famous designer lines like Paddington Bear or characters by Beatrix Potter to cute animals, flowers, and cars, you can have it all. Color schemes for all designer lines are made in pastels, which are considered favorable for children. Some of the popular room themes are:

• Playful Elephants. This is a perfect design for nursery rooms and the youngest children. Cute little elephants and other animals create a peaceful and bright atmosphere.

• Vintage transport. Vibrant series for children that love cars, bikes, planes, trains, and so on.

• Linen Blossom. This delicate line is a perfect option for little princesses.

Pairing high-quality furniture with these incredible designs is a great way to create an unforgettable kid’s room and precious memories.

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