Anniversary Gift Guide: A Kind Of Surprising Gifts For A Couple Like Receiving The Most

Best Anniversary Gift Guide

Wedding anniversaries mark an unfolding of another year of love, laughter, petty fights, and commitment.

For a family member or friend celebrating their wedding anniversary anytime soon, the perfect present may require a touch of elegance and sentimentality. And there’s no easier yet better way to do it than adopt the old-age practice of gift-giving.

Consider the Medieval style for gift-giving. It’s a massive help as selecting a present is based on the number of years a couple has been together. Now, that’s easy! But to be original, let’s go ahead and add a fresh take to tradition.

To nail the best anniversary gifts for couples, take inspiration from the anniversary gift ideas we prepared. Although they’re based on a couple’s year as husband and wife, the gift list sure fits any couple’s taste. They can be fun and creative or sweet and classic — whichever is suitable. Enjoy!

First Wedding Anniversary: Paper

If you’re on the hunt for an ideal first-anniversary gift that melts the heart, this Custom Night Sky Star Map will be a perfect choice.

You can customize this lovely pitch-black canvas to feature a replica of the night sky of the day they met. You can also personalize it according to the night they made it official or the night they tied the knot.

Second Wedding Anniversary: Cotton

Take these His and Hers Monogrammed Robes when choosing a friend’s traditional second wedding anniversary gift. Made in 100% cotton, this fancy bathrobe set from Romance in a Box features an absorbent material with a comfy but classy feel to the skin. This couple bathrobe also offers a belt for a secure, snug fit.

All in all, it gives a luxurious spa-like aesthetic for everyone to love.

Third Wedding Anniversary: Leather

Personalized gifts always carry a sentimental effect on them. If you’re opting for a traditional wedding anniversary present, this Leather Coaster with the Couple’s Initials is the right pick.

This chic and gold-embellished coaster comes in three different colorways. You can order a set of two for your favorite couple or pick eight coasters if they love hosting dinners.

Fourth Wedding Anniversary: Fruits and Flowers

Fruits and flowers make for an effervescent fourth wedding anniversary. Get this Meyer Lemon Essential Oils Collection to coax a smile off your favorite couple’s faces.

This premium-quality essential oils collection from Williams Sonoma contains hand soap, hand lotion, all-purpose cleaner, and countertop spray. It offers a fresh, vibrant fragrance to refresh and energize the whole household.

Fifth Wedding Anniversary: Wood

Turn barbecue nights up a notch when you give your favorite couple this Walnut Engraved Cutting Board. The wood grains and custom writing in it will make for a great conversation starter during dinners.

When you get your friends or family this cutting board for their anniversary, they’re guaranteed to receive it at its best state. That’s because the store examines every wood before beginning the engraving process, ensuring a high-quality chopping board.

Sixth Wedding Anniversary: Iron

Industrial detail meets vintage with this Easton Forged-Iron Table Lamp. This oval-shaped lamp from Pottery Barn is crafted from aluminum, brass, and steel to complement its sleek white lamp shade.

This minimalist iron table lamp also features a hand-applied bronze shine for a fancier and refined finish.

Seventh Wedding Anniversary: Wool

This Basket Weave Merino Wool Throw from Southampton Home would be an excellent present for couples that love to cuddle during chill-time. This pure merino wool blanket is a comfy day favorite, making them perfect for a snuggle party next to a fire or a cozy hour with a good book in hand.

Eighth Wedding Anniversary: Bronze

Watch your favorite couple leap with joy when you gift them a fanciful present for their eighth wedding anniversary.

Since bronze is the traditional present for an eighth wedding anniversary, consider these Rabbit Bookends for them. This bronze-toned pair of bookends will hold any literary treasures well. Its playful, elegant, and whimsical design makes them more adorable.

Ninth Wedding Anniversary: Pottery

Expect warm hugs and excited chuckles from your friends or family when you give them these Kaya Solid Ceramic Cups for their ninth wedding anniversary. These Justina Blakeney-made cups are created with intricacy and aesthetics — perfect for friends with a high taste for creativity.

Tenth Wedding Anniversary: Aluminum

Anniversaries are a celebration of time spent together, but the tenth one is a huge milestone! This Elegant Anniversary Clock will make a couple’s tenth anniversary even more meaningful.

This aluminum-made piece holds three small clocks, each recording at different times. The first clock records the years, the second one’s for months and days, while the third clock is for the hours, minutes, and seconds. This isn’t an ordinary clock as this timekeeper counts the time since “I do.”

The idyllic clock comes with a wooden base and a glass dome. It also plays a couple’s first dance to complete the romance.

11th Wedding Anniversary: Steel

If you want to see two adults cry with happiness, order this sleek and stylish Swedish-made sparkling water maker for them. This modish Aarke Sparkling Water Maker will look so great in the kitchen, and it may just be the only thing guests will talk about!

This sparkling water maker’s unique, seamless stainless steel frame achieves both style and function — it’s like getting two-for-one! It also comes in seven other colorways for those who like to match the color to the house or love collecting them all.

12th Wedding Anniversary: Silk

Get this White Queen Envelope Pillowcase for the couple that loves to have a calmer, more restful night’s sleep.

This silk-made pillowcase from Slip promises a wrinkle and sleep-free crease. It’s also the go-to pillowcase for bed heads as it’s hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and breathable. That alone makes sleep feel more luxurious.

13th Wedding Anniversary: Lace

Now, let’s take gifting a lace on a creative level. Pick this Peony & Blush Suede Home Candle with Lace Design for a couple that loves a garden-like scent inside their home.

This decadent, lace-etched candle from Jo Malone gives a home a whiff of the soft and pleasant smell of fruits and fresh flowers. All these make a worthy 13th wedding gift anniversary.

14th Wedding Anniversary: Ivory

The ivory-hued Drum Stool makes this perfect gift for couples with a knack for timeless, minimalistic interior designs. This bone-inlaid indoor stool from Anthropologie can help any trinkets at home look chicer and lovelier.

It’s an excellent present for those celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary.

15th Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

An ideal 15th wedding anniversary gift, this Engraved Crystal Erne Carafe from Galway has a simple yet elegant finish. The stylish design elements in this flask make it fit for everyday use.

Like any beautiful carafe, this one is customizable to the couple’s names. It’s also possible to write a personalized message to move a family member’s or friend’s sentimental side.

20th Wedding Anniversary: Porcelain

Send this Pierced Constellation Hurricanes & Vases Collection to a friend or family that enjoys looking at a starry sky. To get the ultimate experience of this porcelain-made vase, place a candle or tealight inside.

When prepped, it’ll be like bringing the sky’s constellation inside their bedroom. It can also help set the mood for a romantic 20th wedding anniversary date night.

25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver

Saying your congratulations would be just as meaningful if you gift this coffeemaker to a coffee-lover couple you know. This silver-hued Programmable Coffeemaker can brew 12 cups of coffee in one go. Its brew strength or size is also customizable to impress your favorite couple even more.

30th Wedding Anniversary: Pearl

Amaze your parents when you get them a stunning and equally remarkable gift for their big 30th wedding anniversary. These Mother-of-Pearl Frames from Pottery Barn would make for the best present.

Its delicate and genuine mother-of-pearl frame patchworks carry an iridescent tone to it, adding a bright and happy glow to the photographs inside.

35th Wedding Anniversary: Coral

Shopping for a couple who seems to have everything can be challenging. If you can’t find the best one, consider donating to a charity under their name.

For couples celebrating their coral wedding anniversary, the Great Barrier Reef Legacy may be the perfect organization to donate to. The organization works to restore and secure the long-term survival of coral reef habitats worldwide.

40th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby

Couples celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary would appreciate this Ruby Ornamental Tree. Adorned in it are more than 80 genuine garnet gemstones, with an authentic Swarovski heart dropped from a branch. All these stands in a milk-white pebble base.

45th Wedding Anniversary: Sapphire

Friends and family celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary may enjoy this Sapphire Boutique Digital Gift Card.

With this gift card expiring after one year, the recipients can have a safe online shopping experience from the comfort of their homes. Just order the denomination they wish to purchase, and their gift card is ready to go!

50th Wedding Anniversary: Gold

Fifty years of marriage — wow! That must take a lot of patience and effort to reach. Surprise your parents or friends celebrating their big 5-0 as a married couple with this Gold-Toned Couple Watch from Fossil.

This analog wristwatch features quality craftsmanship with sleek lines and intricate details. All these give the receivers’ everyday ensemble a dab of sophistication and stylishness. The best part? It also comes with complimentary engraving from a local Fossil store.

55th Wedding Anniversary: Emerald

Add a modern style to your parents’ home by gifting them this Frameless Emerald Wall Clock. The emerald tints and shades in this marble-textured dial complement well with its gold hands and the roman numerals.

This analog wall clock would go so well with your parents’ house’s theme, or it’d be an eye-catching piece that would start fun conversations during dinner.

60th Wedding Anniversary: Diamond

Whether it’s for a family member or the grandparents, this West Elm Overlapping Diamond Mirror would be a fitting gift for those celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

The mirror’s aluminum frame is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. That would be perfect for mirrors placed in a bathroom or any area in the house with changing the room temperature.

65th Wedding Anniversary: Blue Sapphire

Loved ones with a romantic character in their veins must have hoped to have a piggy bank for all your wishes, dreams, and blessings. Be playful with your gifts and give them this Blue Sapphire Hand Blown Wishing and Gratitude Globe for their 65th wedding anniversary.

This Henrietta Glass-designed globe has a special hole to insert idyllic wishes and hopes for safekeeping.

70th Wedding Anniversary: Platinum

Your grandparents have finally gone platinum! Mark this beautiful occasion with a reused platinum-hued vinyl. This Personalized Metallic LP Record by Jeff Davis taps a cultural shift toward sustainability. It also gives the whole music arena a play of creativity and practicality.

Upon purchase, send a list of five memorable songs to complete the present.

75th Wedding Anniversary: Gold or Diamond

75th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Order this Feyarl Gold Diamond-Shaped Jewelry Box for the couple marking their 75th wedding anniversary. This jewelry box is lovely enough to deserve a spotlight in their walk-in closet and big enough to fit all their trinkets pieces.

80th Wedding Anniversary: Oak

80th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Your grandparents or parents celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary would enjoy Victrola’s “The Navigator” Record Player. This eight-in-one classic Bluetooth record player boasts its three-speed turntable, which is a fabulous present for vinyl lovers.

This vintage record player also has a built-in stereo speaker and features a CD and cassette player. To make it more exciting and contemporary-friendly, it has Bluetooth connectivity and a headphone jack, to name a few. Indeed, it takes a spin on modern technology and classic nostalgic design.

Relax, they’re going to love it!

Whether you’re looking for gifts for a family member or friend on their anniversary, the best present always needs to be memorable and sentimental. Thanks to the traditional way of gifting, searching for the perfect gift has become a lot easier.

The gifts we carefully curated above represent the traditional way of gift-giving, each with a promise of flair, nostalgia, and romance. Now relax, and watch your favorite couple enjoy the present you got for them.

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