Christening Gifts for Families to Treasure

Christening Gifts

As the third Royal Baby, little Prince Louis, celebrated his christening last month our thoughts turned to choosing the right christening gift. Whilst a full list of the christening gifts that Louis received has not yet been officially released, we do know that Prince Harry gifted his new nephew with a 1926 first edition of version of the A.A. Milne book, Winnie the Pooh. Reportedly worth a whopping £8,000, this is certainly a family heirloom to treasure forever.

Whether you have a big budget like Prince Harry, or a more modest amount of money to spend, we have plenty of wonderful christening gift ideas. From figurine gifts to traditional silver gifts, here are some of the best christening gifts to buy that the whole family will love:

A Significant Figurine

Figurine gifts will always be popular, and are a great way to start a collection for a child without breaking the bank. Choose a figurine family that you love, and then invest in a piece to gift to the child for their christening: family groupings are a great starting point, because they are thoughtful and personalised.

Easy to display in a nursery or child’s bedroom, this is a gift sure to impress the new parents, as well as appeal to the baby as they grow.

Silver Cutlery

Silver is the traditional christening gift, and most babies will end their christening day with an abundance of silver money boxes, and cases in which to store their first lost tooth and curl. Whilst these are great gift ideas, if you choose one of these then your gift certainly won’t be unique.

If you want to stick with a traditional silver gift, why not choose silver cutlery instead? This can still be kept and treasured forever, but it can also be used throughout the baby’s childhood. What’s more, their parents will be grateful for a practical gift they can actually use, and it also won’t take up any valuable shelf space to store.

A Special Book

Why not take a leaf from Prince Harry’s book (pun intended) and choose a special story for the new arrival? You don’t have to spend his eye-watering £8,000 on a first addition: a hard-backed modern edition for your favourite children’s classic shouldn’t cost more than £20 and is a wonderfully thoughtful and meaningful gift.

If you have a close relationship with the child, then this could be the start of a children’s library: gift them with a new book for each special occasion (such as their birthday or Christmas) and they will soon have an enviable book collection. Encouraging a passion for reading is a vital gift, and one the child’s parents will be delighted that you introduced.

A Bottle of Wine

On the surface, this might not be the most conventional of christening gifts. But why not buy a bottle or case of wine from the year that the child was born? Their parents can then hold this in storage until the child turns either 18 or 21, and they will have a significant bottle of vintage wine to share at their special birthday party.

Some children even choose to save the bottle of wine to drink on their wedding day. This is a wonderful gift if you are the child’s godparent and will be sharing these special occasions with them throughout their life. It means that you, and your thoughtful gift, will always be a significant part of their special occasions. And what better gift can anyone ever receive than a bottle of fine wine and good company to share it with?

Engraved Cufflinks

Jewellery is another popular christening gift, but not always the most practical in terms of longevity (especially if you’re buying a gift for a boy, rather than a girl). After all, that tiny christening bracelet might look cute now, but realistically, they’ll never be able to wear it! Instead, buy them a pair of engraved cufflinks. Cufflinks are an essential that every man (and young adult) should own, and they come in handy for all kinds of formal occasions and can be used with christening outfits.
Choose a simple and timeless pair of silver cufflinks (so they won’t ever go out of fashion) and have them engraved with a thoughtful and significant message. This is a great way to show how much you care, and means you love (and your gift) can never be forgotten.

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