Some Great Ideas for Alternative Silver Gifts

silver gifts

Not everyone loves gold and, more importantly, not everyone can afford it! If a loved one has a big occasion coming up soon then you might be wracking your brains for ideas for Silver Gifts that’ll stand out from the crowd. It’s not all about cuff-links and tie-pins, but what do you get for the people who already have, if not everything, then enough?
Stop wracking and start looking, because you may just find the answer here!

Silver Bullion Coins or Bars

No-one can resist the lure of bullion and if you’re buying a gift for, say, a silver wedding anniversary, then silver coins such as Morgan Silver Dollars will be a real wow for the happy couple. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they hold their value and are something real and valuable to pass onto grandchildren.

A Silver Charm Bracelet

These bracelets had gone out of fashion in recent years but there’s been a revival, so why not go the whole hog and buy an old-fashioned charm bracelet complete with a few charms to start off the collection. The best charms to start off with include a boot (for happy travelling), an owl (for successful studying) and a house (for a happy home life). Other relatives and friends can add more amulets to the bracelet in the future as new hopes (and actual achievements) arrive.

Sterling Silver Christmas Tree Decorations

These will be certain to get the kids excited each year when it’s time to dress the tree as they’ll think they’re unwrapping treasure! So many Christmas tree decorations these days are disposable, from cheap gaudy baubles to rustling tinsel, so the inevitable spray-painted pine-cone that comes home from school. What every house needs is decorations that will last for generations and that will also look gorgeous when they’re in place. There’s so many to choose from – snowflakes, crowns with jewels to represent the Three Wise Men, reindeer cut-outs, stars, doves… They’re all up for grabs.

A Silver-Plated Bookmark

The bookworm in your life will love this gift as it lets them keep their place in style. It has to be silver-plated rather than solid silver because of the softness of this metal, but it’ll still look as good, especially if you have a message stamped into it from you.

A Bookmark for your Bubbly

Although its efficacy is doubtful, lots of us like to pop a teaspoon into the neck of a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco if we’re leaving it overnight. Have fun with a personalised Sterling or silver-plated Prosecco teaspoon – you could have the message “I’ll be back…” embossed onto the dish of the spoon, or “You know you want more!” Whatever the message is, the recipient will love it as it’s fun – even if it doesn’t actually keep the bubbles in.

A Sterling Silver Pin Cushion

Just perfect for a keen dressmaker, you can choose from a variety of styles, usually animals, to complement your loved one’s particular taste and interests. Hedgehogs are a firm favourite, as are pot-bellied pigs and tortoises.


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