Glamorous Makeup Trend for Natural Party Look at Home | Easy Steps

Glamourous Eye Makeup

Makeup boosts confidence of any woman and that is an amazing feeling. Women do makeup to look young, attractive and glamorous. Women love different sort of Makeup styles. Some women want to do gaga makeup and some are okay with just a lip-gloss. Makeup is a symbol of attraction. Every woman wants to enhance her appearance and look desirable to her partner or the opposite gender.

Follow these easy and simple tips for Natural Party Look with Makeup. Start with your face and then move on to the eyes.

1. Primer


I personally use primer of “Rivaj By Uk”. This is a small size primer. Take a bit on the back of your hand. Just apply this primer all over your face gently. This is a very hydrating primer. You can also use pore filling primer according to your skin type. Just tap the primer on your skin. Leave it for couple of seconds.

2. Color Correct

Color Correct

Now you should move on to color correct. I personally use “Inglot” freedom system color correcting palette. I have customized this for myself. Use the orange one under your eyes. Try to cover your eyes dark circles and you can use it around your mouth as well. Basically, apply this on the dark areas anywhere on the face, you can use the orange corrector. Make sure that you blend that out really well. Secondly, use the green corrector. You must be very careful while using the green corrector. If you see greenness on your face, it means you are doing it wrong. Just apply it and blend it well. If you see the greenness on your face, trust me you are going to look like a frog, you can use this on pimples. Just make sure that you blend it well.

3. Concealer


Now the thing which I like to do is, I take a concealer which is darker than my actual skin tone. Conceal all of your imperfections like pimple spots etc before applying foundation. I use to switch between two concealers. One is “Mac nw25” and the second one is “fenty stick concealer”. You can use any one of them according to your skin tone. I personally use Mac concealer more. Apply concealer on green corrector so it will make a good coverage. Cover all of that green corrector area.

4. Foundation


So after all of the concealing and color correcting, you can move on to foundation. For foundation, I personally use “Fenty Pro Filter” foundation. Its color shade is 200. Take a couple of pumps on the back of your hand. For fenty foundation, you need to work really quickly because it dries out really fast. So work out on your face in portions. If you do it completely at once on your face then it won’t blend, it will dry out quickly as I said before. Start with one side of your face. Dot the foundation. You can use a foundation brush or foundation blender to blend in the foundation. You can use the “Zebaish Pro Blender”. I just love it. You shouldn’t dry out the foundation with blender. Just tap the foundation blender. Move on to the next side. This gives you full coverage. This won’t make your face cakey at all. Set it well. I just love this foundation.

5. Eye Lit

Eye Lit

Now moving on to concealer again. You can use Soft mat cream concealer with a brush or blender. Take a little amount of concealer and start blending it under your eyes. Use the same on your eye lit. This is my favourite concealer in a custard shape.

6. Powder

makeup Powder

After that, use “Huda Beauty Cake Powder” under your eyes with blender or brush. Set your concealer under eyes. Use the same powder to set your face. Now you can hop on to the eyes. Face is almost done. Just few things on face left which can be done after eyes.

7. Eye makeup

Eye Makeup

You can use “Huda Beauty Rose Gold Premastered palette”. I personally like light and elegant eye makeup look. No makeup eyes look horrible so u can add a little color. You can take a blending brush and pick up the lightest rose gold color with the blender and apply it onto the top side of eye. This will create intensity and your eye will look more defined. Now take the hot gold color. You can take this color with sigma E36 brush. Put it on outer corner of eye to give little more depth. Now take the diamond gold shimmer from the palette. Just apply it with finger. Blend it with clean finger. Just place the color softly. It will give a more natural look.

8. Wing liner

Wing liner

Apply wing liner properly. Make sure that the wing is not very thick. Like I said I like natural look.

9. Mascara


Now apply mascara on your eyes. You can also apply eye lashes but it gives a heavy, healthy and fluttery look. You can use essence healthy lash mascara. Apply on every lash properly.

10. Eyebrows


To fill eyebrows, I use “anesthesia brow definer”. You can use shade dark brown. Just fill them in. It’s a natural shade.

11. Blusher


Now coming back to the face, use lushes blush crush. This is a cream blush in the shade 04 romance. Cream blush tends to be long lasting. Use “Alezem” angle brush to use this. Mainly focus on the apples of your cheeks.

12. Highlighter


Take the Mac rose gold highlighter with beautify by amna brush. Apply it on the cheek starting line. To give a natural glow looking finish on the face, whatever is left on your brush just run the brush onto the higher points of your face.

13. Inner corners of eye

Inner corners of eye

Use the same Mac highlighter on inner corners and on brow bone as well.

14. Lens

Eye Lens

You guys can go for lens as well. It will make your eyes more attractive. It makes your eyes more prominent.

15. Kajal

Kajal Eye

You can also apply kajal on your eyes. I personally don’t like kajal on my eyes because it gives a sharp look.

16. LipsLips Makeup


You can use “Huda Beauty Lip Trio” that has lip contour, liquid mate and lip strobe in gel. Take the lip contour and line your lips. Now take the nude liquid lipstick in muse and apply it on your lips properly. You can add lip stroke just in inner centre of your lips. Blend this with your finger. You can use this contour on your nose as well if you want to.

17. Setting spray

fixing Spray

At last don’t forget to set your makeup with the setting spray which plays a very important role. You can use “Urban Decay all Lighten Spray”.

There you go. Your final look is ready. Don’t forget to let me know about the final look that you get after following the above natural party make up tips in the comments section below.

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