Snatched Nose Contour Job – Easy Steps

Nose makeup

I’m going to help you in faking a nose job. I’m going to let you know how to snatch your nose or in other words contour the hell out of it. It’s not going to be much difficult for you. When you are done with your foundation, the next step is to contour your nose. I don’t like to do dark and light at the same time normally because it all gets muddled together when you try to blend it out. So follow the easy steps for faking a nose shape.

Step 1: Concealer


I’ll be using “Elle Girl Pro Concealer” in Chestnut. Remember dark makes it hideaway and light makes it out. So anything you want to hide, you should use dark. So put two straight lines on the sides of nose and a tiny one underneath.

Step 2: Brushing


Now you are going to blend that out. You can take any mermaid brush. I really like the tip of these kinds of brushes. It’s like a little bit denser. Blend it well with a brush.

Step 3: Finger Blending

Finger Blending - Nose Makeup


I like to use fingers for blending. Fingers are just perfect for contouring nose. Blend concealer well with fingers. You guys have to keep in mind that makeup always looks crazy when you are in middle of it. It’s never going to look palm when you are still in a process or completing it. So don’t judge until it very ends and gives you the final result.

Step 4: Shape Tip

Shape Tip


Now you should take shape tip in light-medium shape by “Mac”. Cover the nose outer side with this shape tip. Put a little bit of straight-line it in middle or nose as well. Blend it well with beauty blender by “beautify by amna”. Don’t try to ruin out the dark shadow made with contour color. You can use pinky finger to blend the center contour color of nose. You can also use the tiny brush as well. Just try to blend it lightly.

Step 4: Powder

Makeup Powder


Now you should take powder by Mac and apply it on the sides of the nose and in centre as well. Let it on the nose for 6 minutes. Brush away the powder really gently. Sweep the brush all over your face. Blend the dark lines so it hides away as well.

Step 5: Fluffy brushers

Fluffy brushers


Because we want super snatched nose, use the soft fluffy brush from special edition of beautify by Amna. Take the light shade concealer powder. Double tap the fluffy brush into it. Bring that brush on edge of the nose and apply it gently. You are going to highlight that lines which you made earlier with this concealer powder. Don’t use this brush under neath because it splits out too much.

Step 6: Sunder

Sunder makeup

Apply the powder on corners of nose again. Leave it for 10 minutes. Slightly brush the powder to give it a slim look. Gently use it on the sunder of nose as well. Slightly blend all the colors well.

Step 7: Highlighter

nose highlighter

Take the tiny brush and tap it in “Mac Rose Gold Highlighter”. Highlight the sunder of nose gently. You can use your finger to blend it as well. Make sure that you highlight the centre of your nose as well. If you are going to put highlighter on the dark sides, it will ruin your contour nose shape. You can take a little brush and tap it in light gold highlighter. Highlight the underneath of nose. Blend it well.

Step 8: Fixing Spray

fixing Spray


At the end, apply the fixing spray by Mac on the whole face.

That’s it. You can see the amazing snatch nose results. Try it for a slim nose. You will love the results.

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