5 Skincare Mistake Every Pregnant Woman Does

Skincare Mistake

Hearing the report of the Doctor and getting the confirmation that a Woman is pregnant is usually a great news for the Lady. However, with pregnancy comes its own rules and fair regulations about what to do and what not to do about pregnancy. Especially for those who this would be their first pregnancy, it will be understandable if You have worries about what You should do and not do as regards all aspects of your life. In this, You will learn 5 skincare mistake You should stop making as a pregnant woman in relation to your Skin.

Letting the face get all oily: Majority of Women once they get pregnant usually get a lot of oily face and oily skin. Usually, how this happens is usually because of the change of diet that comes with becoming pregnant. And the change starts when the pregnant lady decides to eat food in numerous quantities regardless of whether the body can take that much food or not. Also, the composition of the meals taken are usually comprised of junk food. This sudden change in diet usually changes the tone of their skin and makes it more bloated.

Using SPF for Sun Protection: Once You become pregnant as a lady, your skin tone changes and this makes your skin more tender. Once your skin becomes more tender, it is well advised that You ask your Dermatologist for a good prescription on whether to increase or decrease the quantity of SPF You should start using for your skin. You need to also remember that once you are pregnant, because of the change in skin tone, your skin would be a lot more prone to sun rays. So, first things first, consult your Dermatologist and get the correct prescription for this new skin type.

Using the Wrong Products: As it is with every product ladies add to their make-up collection, there is a correct foundation, cleanser, toner and the best over the counter anti-aging cream for every face and skin type. Using the cleanser as an example, your aim is to ensure You get a cleanser that gently cleans your face without causing damage. Once You notice an extra reaction, You might need to re-consider your choice of beauty products. Remember to ask your Dermatologist.

Washing with Hot water: It actually feels good using hot water to wash the face to get it all cleaned out. However, when You use hot water to clean up your face, You are indirectly cleaning from your face the protective oils that are working for your face. So, hot water could over dry your skin. Best practice is for You to use lukewarm water instead.

Over-Exfoliation: When You exfoliate, your intent is to rid your face of dead cells from your skin. But, if You do that every day, you will end up doing more than removing dead skin. It is recommended that You do it like twice a week and be very gentle about it.

Pregnancy is a great period in the life of a Woman and helping you go through it properly is our goal. Remember to stay fit with the tips up above and stay healthy even with your skin in check.

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