6 Tips to get rid of Depression

Depression Care Tips

Depression increases the risk of premature death and is a phenomenon that researchers have long discovered, but a recent study also shows that even mild anxiety that does not meet the clinical diagnostic criteria for depression will increase the risk of premature death. This reminds People should pay attention to mental health.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh and other institutions report in the new issue of the journal that they have analyzed the health data of nearly 70,000 people in the UK, all of whom are over 35 years old and have been followed for an average of 8.2 years. Researchers use a scale to analyze their mental state, and related indicators include anxiety, depression, social status, and self-confidence.

The results show that the risk of premature death in severely depressed patients is certainly high, but even those who are mildly anxious, that is, people who have not yet reached the clinical diagnosis criteria for depression, have a higher risk of premature death than ordinary people. 20%.

Further analysis of the cause of death showed that people with mild anxiety had a 29% higher risk of dying from heart disease and stroke than ordinary people. Researchers believe that this is because anxiety makes their physiology change bad. In addition, their risk of death from factors such as traffic accidents and suicide is higher than that of ordinary people.

Experts involved in the study said that this discovery reminds people of the need to pay attention to mental health. But he also emphasized that it is not advisable for people to take related psychiatric drugs when they have psychological problems. The main reason should be to take psychological counseling methods other than drugs. Here are several ways of psychological counseling.

6 small methods for psychological guidance and emotional regulation

What should I do when I feel very depressed with a lot of troubles? Teach you a few tips to keep you happy:

1. Cry-Cry appropriately.

A cry when you are in distress can calm your emotions. Crying is a good way to relieve tension, worry, and pain. Wei Feilei American Psychological experts believe that eye tears organism can produce stress response in the course of some toxins discharged. From this perspective, it means chronic poisoning to hold back crying when encountering something that should be crying.

2. Shout-Shout happily.

When troubled by bad emotions, he yelled pitifully. It is also a way to vent the accumulation of depression through hurried, strong, and unfettered shouts.

3. Exercise-perform vigorous exercise.

When a person is in a low mood, he often doesn’t like to move. The less he takes his attention, the harder it is to shift. The lower the mood, the more likely to form a vicious circle. Therefore, bad emotions can be changed through sports activities such as running and playing ball.

4. Find someone to talk to.

As the saying goes, “Happiness, sharing with friends is more noteworthy satisfaction; torment, imparting to companions can reduce the aggravation””. Unpleasant things are hidden in the mind and will increase the psychological burden. If you find someone to pour out your troubles, you will feel relieved. You can also find a psychological counselor for psychological counseling and let them help resolve your worries.

5. Divert attention.

To divert attention is to shift your attention from things that cause bad emotions to other things. You can do things that you are usually interested in, and do some activities that you are interested in. Such as games, playing ball, chess, listening to music, watching movies, reading newspapers, etc., you can also travel and play in a beautiful environment, so that people can free themselves from negative emotions, thereby inspiring positive and happy Emotional response.

6. Correct cognitive biases.

“People are troubled not because of the facts, but because of the knowledge of the facts.” It is people’s cognition that determines emotions. They take the initiative to adjust their views on things, correct the deviation in understanding, and look at the problem from the bright side. It can weaken or eliminate bad emotions and turn dark to clear.


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