Mental Health and its Therapies

mental health

Our social, physiological and emotional well-being is entirely based on the condition of our mental health. It has a huge impact in the way we think and act in the natural world. Moreover, it is a determination factor when it comes to handling certain situations such as making choices and handling others. Be it your childhood, adolescence or adulthood, mental health is the key factor during every stage of life.

However, over the time of several years, if you feel that your behavior is changing in several ways. You are experiencing problems thinking straight, you are having tremendous mood swings. You may be a victim of disturbed mental health. Moreover, the contributing factors to it may include.

• The biological factors
• Past or present life experiences
• A family history of mental health problems

Most of the health problems are very common and help can be found through

What are the early warning signs of mental health problems?

Are you unaware whether you or someone you know is going through this problem and requires therapy? If you feel more than one of the following behaviors, it is a red alert.

• You eat either a lot or very little
You sleep either too little or too much
• Lack of energy
• Numbness
• Unexpected pain in the body parts
• Hopelessness
• Helplessness
• Abusive use of drugs and alcohol
• Delusional
• Short tempered among friends and family
• Mood swings that can affect your relationships
• Having thoughts and memories that you are unable to get rid of
• Hearing non-existent voices
• Suicidal thoughts
• Inability to perform regular daily tasks

What can help you?


To rid yourself of this agonizing issue, you can talk to a counsellor or therapist who can help you deal with the symptoms, stress, and promote you towards recovery. However, we all are aware of the fact that it is very difficult to open up in front of someone regarding your life issues, especially if it isn’t your friend or family member. But, it can definitely help you get over the problems you are facing.

Types of Therapy

There are several different types of therapies and many of them are effective when it comes to groups and families. You can go through the options by seeking help from the people you trust, such as your family doctors. Here are the different types of therapies.


Cognitive behavioral therapy has two aspects, the cognitive part and the behavioral part. It has been proven to be very effective against depression, bipolar disorders and anxiety. However, it can be used for several other conditions as well.

Interpersonal Therapy

It helps in improving relationships by focusing on specific ways that are proven to be healthier and it works pretty well for mental health problems related to depression. The variable, known as interpersonal and social rhythm therapy works well for bipolar disorders. It involves daily schedules and follow-ups, which help support recovery.

Family Therapy

Mental health issues are tackles through communication between families, which enables them to solve the problems in a much better way.

Art Therapy

The field of art is used to express emotions and problems.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Develops a better sense of understanding about their motivations and unconscious emotions, which have an effect on one’s thoughts.


Enables people to understand their problem, which helps them recover better.

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