The Many Services Offered By your Local Plumber

Local Plumber

When we think of a plumber, we tend to think of a guy working under the sink, with wrench in hand, yet your local plumber is capable of much more than fixing a leak. A qualified plumber must have many feathers in his cap, which include the following;

  • Blocked drains – Who better than Dr Leak Plumbing in Melbourne to sort out a backed-up drain? He uses state-of-the-art video surveillance to pinpoint the blockage, plus he has the tools and know-how to clean out the waste system using a power flush; sending a high-pressure jet of water through the drainage network.
  • Hot water systems – Whether you run a gas or electric water heater, it needs servicing and the person to do so is your local plumber, who is gas-approved. You might wish to move away from a traditional hot water tank to a heat-on-demand unit, where a small electric element heats the water as it passes through the pipe. This saves money and when multiple occupants can shower without running out of hot water.
  • Leak detection – Some leaks are obvious, while others can remain undiscovered; if you are sure you are not using the volume of water you are billed for, ask a local plumber to find the leak. He has the equipment and know-how to detect leaks and perform prompt repairs.
  • Bathroom furniture installation – If you are planning a bathroom renovation, buy online and your local plumber can install it. Some plumbers supply showers, toilets and baths, as well as installation and repair. Click here for how natural light improves your well-being.
  • Pipe relining – When a section of drainpipe collapses, it needs to be replaced, either that or ask a local plumber to reline the section and inspect the entire system at the same time. Having to dig up a section of pipe in the garden is no small job; the plumber uses special machinery and relines the pipe without digging it up.
  • Leaking guttering – If your guttering is leaking, the plumber can sort this with some silicone, or replace the section. Leaking guttering can cause serious damage to the exterior of the building, so any leaks should be promptly fixed.
  • Washing machine/dishwasher installation/repair – If you have purchased a new washing machine, your local plumber can install this in a couple of hours. If the appliance is in need of repair, the plumber might be able to help. These appliances need to have the filters cleaned on a regular basis, read the user manual for details. If you would like to know more about your local plumber’s services, search online for their website, where you can book a call if need be.

There are probably a few services in the above list that surprised you; today’s plumber has a fully equipped van and can handle all of the above and more! It is always best to check first, as not all plumbing contractors are that diverse.


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