Top Tips for Caring for your Clothes

Caring for your Clothes

There are many times when you want to wear your favorite outfit and make a good impression. However, there are essential tips you need to know and keep in mind when wearing your clothing. Proper washing, storage, and care of clothes is a must for you to look good and outstanding. Taking good care of your clothes can also help you save on your clothing budget. Here are a few simple tips to make caring for your garments a breeze.

Wash less frequently

Usually, it’s a good cleanliness habit to wash your clothes every time after wearing them. But you don’t need to wash your clothes so frequently. The more often you wash your clothes, the faster they fade and lose quality. Dusting them off with a brush will ensure that your clothes are kept clean and enjoy a good lifespan. Jackets and coats that have been worn only for a couple of times can be hanged out in the sun. This will keep them fresh between washes. Also, maintaining good body hygiene such as bathing every day, putting on clean undergarments, and applying a deodorant can help keep your clothes fresh.

Remove Stains immediately

One of the most common ways of ruining clothing is getting stains. A stain needs to be treated properly and as soon as possible after the occurrence. If you leave a stain until the day you wash your clothes, it will dry and set in, making it even difficult to eliminate. Stains should also be removed using proper methods to ensure your clothing always look good. For example, ink stains should be soaked in cold water and white vinegar solution. While blood stains can be treated using a solution of water and ammonia. To avoid deodorant stains, apply the deodorant and let it dry before dressing.

Follow the instructions on the detergent

Ensure that you pour the right amount of soap in the washing machine. The amount used needs to be proportional to the number of clothes being washed. Do not put any water or garments before adding the detergent. This is a common mistake that most individuals often make while doing their laundry. This particular mistake results in the loss of quality in certain fabrics. In order to clean your clothes properly, it is crucial to adhere to the washing instructions.

Avoid the Dryer

Frequently drying clothes with a dryer reduces the fabric strength, especially garments made out of natural materials like cotton and wool. The heat from the dryer will cause the cotton and woolen clothes to shrink and fade. Jeans will also shrink if you dry them too long and too often. Air-drying your clothes outside is the best way to make them stay in good condition for longer. Investing in a clothesline will help preserve your expensive attire. You can also dry the garments on an indoor drying rack. Do not forget to use a fabric softener while rinsing. This will help keep your clothes from being stiff.

Use the right hangers

Do not throw your clothes anywhere, or toss them into the closet. Always store your clothes properly using the appropriate hangers. Different types of garments require different kinds of hangers. Using the right hanger ensures that your clothes stay neat, new, and well-pressed in your closet. For blouses, shirts, and dresses that have shoulder pads, use plastic or padded hangers to maintain their shape. For suits and heavy coats, use wood hangers to prevent them from stretching. Do not fold trousers over a hanger, as they fade at the area of folding otherwise make sure you adjust them often to avoid fading. With the right hangers, your wardrobe will also stay organized, ready for you to pick any outfit.

Sew small tears as soon as they occur.

A small hole can ruin a beautiful attire unless it is repaired quickly and carefully. Stitch up small tears once you notice them as a small hole can easily become a larger hole, which is either difficult or impossible to repair. Replace loose or lost buttons immediately. It only takes a few minutes to sew on a button, stitch a hem, or fix a zipper. Doing these small repairs by yourself or paying a tailor will save you money, and you don’t have to buy new clothes.

Caring for your clothes does not necessarily have to be tedious or expensive. Simply employing the correct washing strategies and proper care, you can significantly extend the life of your clothes as well as look spectacular.

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