8 Simple Ways to make your Valentine’s Day special and Memorable

How I Made my Valentine's Day Special: Unique Ideas

Valentine day is a fiesta also called Saint Valentine’s Day. Valentine day is celebrated on 14 February. It is celebrated to spread love, affection and friendship. People send love messages, greeting cards, and gifts to their loved ones to make them feel special. People try to celebrate Valentine’s Day having dinner, organizing exotic parties and going out on a road trip. Red rose is a symbol of affection and love. Couples and friends present flowers to each other. Majority actually wait for Valentine’s day whole year to express their feelings for the person they are in love with. Some propose their girls in a unique way that the pretty ladies find it difficult to say No. Valentine’s day is a day to day to express love for your partner, siblings, family.

You just have to put a little effort and you can make your Valentine’s day extra special by following these simple unique Valentine’s Day unique ideas.

Dinner Date

Dinner Date

You can go out on a dinner date on a nice roof top or sea side restaurant. Make sure that you have already booked a spot for yourself and your partner. Try to go for a candle light dinner. Try to spend your whole day with your loved ones. You may find tons of romantic places to go for Valentine’s day on internet.

Dress up

Valentine's Day Dress up

You should consider wearing red, black or maroon color on Valentine’s day. Red color is considered a symbol of deep love and passion and also attracts others.


Valentine Day Gifts

There are many amazing Valentine’s day gift ideas that you may check out to choose the best gift for your Valentine. You can give red flowers, stuffed toys, cards, a beautiful necklace or chocolates if you your looking for Valentine’s day ideas for her. You can also make a beautiful basket comprised of some unique gifts.


red balloons

Buy a lot of red heart-shaped air balloons and give it to your loved ones. You can also decorate a room or car with these balloons.



You can buy chocolate or strawberry cupcakes. It depends on your partner’s taste. You can a beautiful cake with your partner and a romantic background music while cutting cake would definitely make it memorable.



Valentine’s Day is a day to spread love. Try to avoid using phone in front of your partner as it creates distraction and you lose focus on your partner. Try to switch off television when you are having conversation with your partner.


Valentine day

Try to have a meaningful and romantic conversation with your partner. It should be positive. Discuss your memorable moments with your partner. Try to make your partner feel special with your words. Send them love messages and express your affection. Tell your partner that you miss him/her.

Bed Tea

Valentine day

Try to give your girlfriend or wife a bed tea or coffee in the morning when she gets up, that is another good idea to make her feel special.

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