Signs That Your Baby is Going to Walk

Baby Walk

The transition from crawling to walking is an exciting milestone and requires patience. Here’s how you will know that your little one is ready to explore the world on his two feet.

At What Age Do Babies Start Walking?

Babies usually take their first few steps within their first year. However, it may take a few more months before they start walking independently. There are even instances where a baby may take about 18 months to start walking. Don’t be alarmed! Once they start walking it will be difficult to get them to stop your little explorer.

Common signs that indicate that your baby will walk soon

1. Overcoming Obstacles

Balancing and walking on two legs is difficult for babies as their muscles are still developing. If your child tries to overcome obstacles by going over them, he’s one step closer to walking. It means he’s using his leg muscles and strengthening them in the process.

2. Lifting Himself Up

When you see your baby is trying to lift himself off the ground, you know the day is near. He will constantly make use of his arms to hold on to raise platforms to pull him up whilst sitting. You can see him using a piece of furniture or even your leg to do this!

3. Hand Holding

Hand Holding

Once he’s confident he will stand without support. He will attempt to walk immediately. However, like riding a bicycle, it can’t be done in one go. He will need your help to balance while walking, so let him hold your hand to support himself.

4. Cruising

Handholding is fine but your child is determined and might not wait for you to help him. He will find anything sturdy, like walls or pieces of furniture, to balance him.

5. Standing


Once he can stand without external support, it is only a matter of time before he starts walking. He is yet to master balance, but can stay upright independently. Soon, you shall find your child performing acts like jumping, climbing stairs and other activities to improve his balance.

Encouraging your Baby to Walk

1. Floor time

Try to give your baby more floor time, so he can start exercising his muscles.

2. Motivators

Place the toy on the other end of the room and let your baby crawl to it. When he reaches, place it on the opposite end. While it may sound frustrating, remember that your child will be quite thrilled knowing he can crawl and get the toy independently.

How to Help Your Baby Walk Independently?

1. Gradually Let Go

Improve balance by gradually improving the difficulty level as he gets better. First, hold him with both of your hands while walking. Gradually shift to one hand, and then let them grab onto your clothes, and finally, just stand close-by in case he falls.

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2. Dress Him Comfortably

Too much clothing or even tight clothing can constrict the limbs, which can make it difficult for babies to regain balance. Dress him in comfortably loose clothing.

Your role is critical in your baby’s development, so support him and let him practice each day. Soon, your little one will discover the joys of exploring the world independently

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