How to Help Breastfeed Babies to Gain Weight?

Baby Breastfeeding Guide

Mothers’ diet is very crucial for baby’s nutritional care. Usually, when a baby doesn’t gain weight after breastfeeding, moms get depressed. I’m going to let you know about the tips and lists of food that will improve and increase the fat-rich milk supply. It will also help the baby to gain weight faster and become healthier.

1. Galactagogues: Foods to boost Breast Milk Production

• What is it?

Galactagogues are the food items that boost up the process of breast milk product in mammary glands.

  • Which foods are those?
  • Fenugreek seed sprout.
  • Seeds like sesame, cumin and poppy seeds.
  • Bottle guard.
  • Garlic.
  • Coconut.
  • How to eat these?
  • Kheer and porridges.
  • Halwa.

2. Milk


  • Why milk?

Dairy products are carbonate-rich and contain good fats. Milk is a protein food that can broaden muscle mass?

  • Milk to drink

Drink non skimmed or full fat milk to make the baby put on weight. Non skimmed milk means milk with fat.

  • When to drink?

You should consume at least 2 glasses of milk every day. You can drink one glass in the morning and the other one in the evening or night. You can make use of this milk in porridges and kheer as well.

3. Desi Ghee

  • Why Ghee?
  • It is very important for baby’s brain development.
  • It improves the quality of mothers’ milk.
  • Don’t avoid ghee to avoid your weight gain, you should remember side effects of these foods can be treated after exclusive breastfeeding and with regular exercises. Your baby’s development is dependent on you during the first six months.
  • Which type of Ghee?
  • Homemade desi ghee is good and preferable.
  • Nandini Ghee.
  • Amul.
  • Ways to consume Ghee
  • Spoon or two spoons of ghee in kheer.
  • In a Glass of milk.
  • In a Rice, Daal or on Roti.
  • You can use it in Carrot Halwa as well.
  • You can make Laddu with this Ghee.

4. Banana


  • Why Banana?

Banana helps baby to put on weight through breastfeeding. It’s least allergen and contains loads of nutrients. Hence it is also best first food for your baby’s growth.

  • How many?
  • You can eat 2 bananas a day.

5. Whole Wheat and Grains

  • Why Whole Wheat and Grains?

They are high in calories and carbohydrate-packed food. They are ideal for the healthy weight gain. They are fiber-rich as well. You can eat oats as well.

6. Dry fruits and Nuts

Dry fruits and Nuts

  • Why dry fruits and Nuts?

Your baby can put on healthy weight if you intake nuts and dry fruits. They are completely filled with calories. They lower bad cholesterols in the body and provide immense energy to it.

  • What to eat?
  • Soaked almonds.
  • Soaked walnuts.
  • Apricots.
  • Pistachios.
  • Dates.
  • Raisins.
  • Dried figs.

7. Green Vegetables

  • Why green vegetables?

Since you will be eating all kind of fat rich foods, the green vegetables will help in easing its digestion. If not digested, how the fat would get instilled in your breast milk, then? Moms should also add garlic in the food as much as possible.

  • What to eat?
  • Methi leaves.
  • Dill leaves.
  • Moringa leaves (drumstick leaves).
  • Green beans.
  • Bottle guard.
  • Pointed guard.
  • Long beans.
  • Spinach.

8. Chicken

  • Why chicken?

Chicken skin contains high protein, calories and fat too. Hence try to have chicken with skin.

  • Best ways to eat chicken
  • Roasted chicken breasts are easy to make. Instead of marinating them overnight, you can simply cook the chicken in a pan.
  • Avoid eating deep fried Chicken.
  • Don’t eat spicy Chicken Curries.

9. Eggs


  • Why eggs?

You should eat eggs to gain healthy weight.

  • How much?

2 eggs a day.

You can follow these simple tips to make your baby more healthy and strong through breastfeeding.

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