Newborn Feeding Guide: Tips for Feeding your Newborn

Newborn Feeding Guide

Feeding your Newborn is a 24 hour commitment. Also it is the opportunity to form a bond with the new member of your family. Feeding your Newborn is really a tough job and the schedule can be unpredictable. Here we have compiled a Newborn Feeding Guide about when and how to feed your baby.

Newborn Feeding Guide

Feed with the Breast Milk

The ideal food for babies is breast milk. In case the breast feeding is not possible then use the infant formula. One of things that you need to keep in mind is that newborn don’t need juice, water or any other fluid, but the only feed which is best for them is breast milk.

Vitamin D Supplement

Try to give vitamin D supplement to your child after consulting the doctor. Especially, in case if you are feeding your child with breast milk, try to provide vitamin D supplement as there is not enough vitamin D in breast milk. Vitamin D is very important for the child because it helps your child to absorb phosphorus and calcium and these nutrients are necessary for strong bones.

Feed your Child on Demand

Most of the infants need about one feeding after every two to three hours, which makes it 8-10 feedings a day. Always try to feed your child when you think that he is hungry. Try to look for the hunger signs like stretching, lip movement and stirring etc. Try to feed your child as soon as possible so that you don’t have to soothe the frantic baby. Also when your newborn stops sucking or turns away from the nipple- know that he is full or might be taking a break. Over all, try to feed your child on demand and make a proper schedule.

Expect Variations

Always expect variations in the eating pattern of your new born baby. It is not necessary that your child will eat the same amount every day. By the passage of time, the variation in the eating habit of the child is expected. Try to respond to the early signs of hunger as your child grows older.

Trust your Newborns

You might be worried that your baby isn’t eating enough, but babies usually know that how much they need to eat so you don’t have to panic about it. Instead of focusing on the amount and the schedule, try to focus on steady gain weight and change in the bowel movement. Consult a doctor in the earliest possible time if your baby isn’t gaining weight. Also look for the change in bowel movement and let the doctor know about it.

Know When to Ask for Help

Always know that when to ask for a help. If you are having a trouble in the breast feeding, ask the lactation consultant for help. Similarly if you are having a pain while feeding your baby, try to consult the doctor to get the solution.

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