How to Retile a Shower in 10 Easy Steps?


Remodeling your home is one of the most exciting, yet stressful times of your life. There are countless problems that need to be remedied to avoid costly repairs. This can make it a slow difficult process, but once all the work is done you are left with a beautiful new home. One of the most common do-it-yourself remodeling jobs is retile a shower. This is a relatively easy process that won’t take you more than a day to complete. If you choose to have a professional retile your shower you will pay $800 just for labor. This step process is easy to follow! If you are interested in various tile materials you should visit this website for more information.

How to Retile a Shower Guide

Step 1

Begin by shutting off the water supply to avoid spraying water all over yourself. You will then remove all the fixtures in the shower including the shower head, faucet, handles, knobs, and rails. These fixtures can either be taken off by a simple twist or with a screwdriver. If you are struggling for several minutes with no luck, then you’re probably taking the wrong approach. Once all the fixtures are removed then you will lay down a tarp to protect the shower pan and prevent loose materials from going down the drain.

Step 2

Use an electric grinding tool to remove the grout between the tiles. You can use a hammer and chisel to remove the grout, but an electric tool will make the process much quicker. Make sure all the grout is cleared away before attempting to remove the tiles.

Step 3

Remove the tiles using a hammer and a chisel. Once you get a feel for whacking away at the tiles, this step will go by quickly. Make sure to use safety glasses, a long sleeve shirt, and gloves because pieces of the tiles will fly like shrapnel.

Step 4

Remove all the remaining mortar from the wall. The better you remove the mortar, the easier the next round of mortar will apply. Once you have a clean surface wash the walls with a small amount of water to remove excess dust particles.

Step 5

Measure the height of your new tiles, and create a chalk line along just above the height of the tile. Apply a layer of thinset mortar on the area below the chalk line. This will help the next layer or mortar hold the materials.

Step 6

Mix your mortar following the instructions on the bucket. Make sure to follow the directions closely so the mortar works as marketed.

Step 7

Apply the mortar, and stick your new tiles to the wall. After each tile make sure to insert plastic spacers to allow room for the grouting.

Step 8

Repeat steps 5-7 until the shower is completely tiled.

Step 9

Once your shower is completely tiled, you will apply the grout between the spaces. Once the grout dries you will thoroughly rinse the new tiles.

Step 10

The last step is to apply two coats of grout sealer to ensure the grout holds well, and that it does not get eroded from the water.

This is a handy guide about retile a shower your self. Feel free to share your experience in comment box.

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