The Companies Promoting Black Friday all year Long

The companies promoting Black Friday all year long

Black Friday is a time of the year when every man, woman, child and beloved family pet shops till they drop. Happening the day after Thanksgiving, companies slash prices more dramatically than government cuts on federal budget day.

Black Friday

And it’s a day that ushers in huge profits for companies before the festive season begins.

Past Black Fridays have captured footage of riots breaking out in stores as desperate consumers wrestle for televisions, kettles, mini fridges and Nintendo Switches.

It’s easy to see why so many customers get their proverbial pants in a twist – these are bargains and they’re available for one day only!

But some companies don’t have to participate in Black Friday, and it’s not as commonly embraced outside of retail.

Plenty of SMEs can stand out without the need for gimmickry and flash sales. Instead, they boast of top-notch customer service, reasonable prices and useful experiences.
Want to know which companies we’re waxing lyrical about? Then read on…

The phrases ‘airport’ and ‘good value’ are rarely synonymous, and we’re not here to argue that catching a flight is the healthiest option for your bank balance. But while the airport isn’t a cheap place, there are companies aiming to give you great value when you travel.
For our money, private parking provider is at the top of the list when it comes to saving you a few extra cents.

This company’s main aim is to make parking at the airport that little bit easier. So, instead of stalking the car park for a good spot, you’ll be able to drive your car to the terminal and have it collected by a valet.

The site offers a price comparison function so you’ll know exactly how much you’re saving when you use them.

404 INK

If you love cracking open a book then let us point you towards one of the leading lights of independent publishing – 404 INK is a Scottish-based company founded by Laura Jones and Heather McDaid, and it’s rapidly gained international acclaim.

The company’s first publication, Nasty Women, received plaudits from Margaret Atwood and provoked a number of marches based on its feminist message.

But this is no political publishing house. Also on its roster are comic, gothic and graphic novel works.

It’s a company dedicated to good value for its readers – and could provide the perfect Christmas gift for the literature lover in your life.

American Tourist Travel Agency

It’s true that a small number of American citizens own passports –but that’s because the US has varied terrain that would take a lifetime to explore.

The American Tourist Travel Agency has made travelling around the US a low-cost enterprise – perfect if you want a family vacation that will open your mind.
That’s our list! Can you think of any other suggestions? Then let us know in the comments below!

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