Family Vacation – Money Saving Tips for Families on Vacation

Family Vacation

Millions of families travel for a family vacation every year. This is a fun and exciting chance for families to enjoy and have fun together. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of families who are stuck at home wishing they too could have a family vacation.

Travelling with the family is not cheap. In a report by Conde Nast Traveler, Allianz’s Vacation Confidence Index says that average American family spend an average of $1,798 when travelling. That would be more expensive if you plan to travel to popular destinations like Thailand, Australia, France, or Brazil.

But what if you can actually spend less on a family vacation without sacrificing the comfort and safety of your family? Sure you’ll think that is impossible, but to prove you that it is possible, here are some tips that you should follow:

Easy Ways to Save Money on Family Vacation

Look for Family-Friendly Hotels Online

Book early and book online. These are the two cardinal rules for travellers looking for cheap accommodation. There are plenty of sites that offer cheaper rates if you book online and/or you book ahead of your stay. Agoda, AirBnB and Expedia have partner hostels that are family-friendly so you have many options to choose from. To save more money, be sure that your vacation is not during peak season, when rates can increase three times the original rate.

Take Alternative Housing

You can also stay with your family member or friends nearby. It is also a good way to introduce your kids to relative and family friends. Alternatively, you can rent a campervan or go camping. It is surely a thrilling experience for your kids.

Avoid Group Tours

While group tours are convenient, it doesn’t actually help save your money. Most travel agents would add service fees on their so-called “promos” to make you think you saved money. To really save, plan your own itinerary or book your own transposition. Online websites like DriveNow offer low car hire rates that would accommodate all your family members. Rented cars like these are more comfortable and safer especially if you have toddlers with you.

Plan an Efficient Itinerary

Avoid tourist spots that are far from each other. You can easily do this through research and careful planning. You can easily search for the site’s location on Google Maps and then analyse an efficient route so you can visit them all.

Skip Tourist Traps

If possible skip tourist traps or usually tourist destinations because you’ll end up wasting more time on it than appreciating it. Most of these places are crowded and the food is extremely expensive.

Avoid Buying Food on Touristy Places

If you could pack your own food that is great but if you cannot, do not buy them in touristy areas. Pick food along the way and you will surely save money.

Avoid Buying Toys and Souvenirs

You kids can be easily attracted to toys and souvenirs selling on, let say Disneyland or Sea World, if possible do not let them buy. Aside from being overpriced, some of these products are of low quality and won’t last a long time. Also, your kids’ interest on these items won’t last so it can be a complete waste of money.

Who says family vacation can be expensive? From booking hotels earlier, hiring car services, and planning your own itinerary, there are many ways you can save money while ensuring that you children are enjoying your time together.

So now, are you ready to go on a vacation with your family?

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