From Decency to Royalty: A Perfect Fashioning Guide

Perfect Fashioning Guide

The Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee of 65 years as she has been the longest serving sovereign for UK. She has been the most amazing lady and has lead the country with dignity, poise and pride.

Her fashion statement on every event has been on cover pages of many fashion magazines. The way she carried herself has gained everyone’s attention. Every time she left many of people speechless and put them into a question.

How can anyone be so perfect every time?

Here, we present you some of her styling secrets and fashion mysteries that keep her royal looking so graceful and classy.

Weather Swings

The weather of Great Britain is always unpredictable. The day which starts with the bright sunshine may end with the downpour or winds and breezes. In this situation, the Queen’s wardrobe should be up to the job as she has to do many Royal appointments outside.

Her team tests the fabric using electrical fans before she wears any dress or coat. And also her designer team make trials of the material that how it will move in wind and breeze and then small weight curtains are hemmed in the fabric to give them more weight.

Chances of sudden rain is not exceptional in UK. The Queen prefers a birdcage-style umbrella, clear umbrella created by Royal Warrant holders, Fulton Umbrellas. These umbrellas are transparent, so crowds can see her.

Each of the personalized umbrellas are dreamily matched to the colours the queen wardrobe. Ahead of an event, her majesty’s senior dresser will send a colour swatch, which Fulton Umbrellas then use to create an umbrella with a perfectly colour-matched trim.

Choice of Colours

The colour of Queen’s dress has been keenly chosen by the designers. Taking into account the nature of the event, colours are picked. She has been seen wearing rainbow of colours over the years.  Colours are chosen to reflect the nature of the event. Like, for her Diamond Jubilee show, she wore gold influenced by the Queen Victoria Memorial statue the stage was built around.

Similarly, the colours are also selected for her appearance to evade unification. Like, if she has her Royal meeting in park, the Queen will avoid wearing green colour as she will not be noticeable to the gathering. Bright and fancy colours are preferred by her designers to help her stand out.

Designers are also keen about the recurrence of colours of Queen’s dress. As if she has worn a red colour dress early in the year, it will be avoided for few coming months.

Perfectly Practical

During her lengthy Royal visits which often involve car journeys or long sittings, staying flawless and perfect is very tough. And it is very important that each dress should be pristinely ironed. Therefore, it is ordered that each of the Queen’s outfit should be made of winkle proof material to endure every Royal meeting.

The Queen’s footwear and other accessories are likewise practical. Her heels are kept at 2.25 inches to make sure her comfort, while inner liners are often included too. For her handbags, the Queen’s prefers Launer’s Royale and Traviata bags. They are designed with a longer handle so as to not interfere with handshaking or catch on the cuff of her preferred three-quarter length sleeves.

Weight of her handbag is also kept under consideration depending upon the time she will be holding it. What is inside her bag is still not known. But it is believed that she always carry her reading glasses, a lipstick, mints, compact mirror and a fountain pen. Cash is always carried only on Sundays and it’s always either a £5 or £10 note that is accurately creased.

Hats are no exception either. Designed by her milliner of choice, Rachel Trevor-Morgan, each hat is designed to not vague her face. As such, the Queen eludes wide-brimmed hats. Height is also well thought-out to safeguard Queen can easily get out of a vehicle.

It is not easy to keep a record of the outfits she wears as she has so many Royal meet ups and schedules. For this all her majesty designers keeps a personal handwritten record of her wardrobe diaries, which mentions what is worn for what and when, to avoid the repetition of dresses.

The Queen makes her looking so flawless and perfect. We are looking forward for her new looks that we adore, though, now we know the secrets and ambiguities behind her style and fashion.

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