Steering Life as a Traveler and a Mommy


Being a working woman and a mother at a time is difficult. I am a mother of two young kids and also been working in a private company for which I have to travel outside city or sometimes country for work tours. For many working mothers, when they have to leave their family for a small time, the feeling of guilt and blues is always there. There are some instants that I feel also unhappy and miss the lovely moments that I can spend with my family. But rather than feeling so saddened I believe in optimism. I explain everything to my children and also follow some tips that helps me to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life.

So, here I am sharing with you some of my secret tips to keep a steadiness in life among your office and home.

1. Understanding Family

Family comes first for everyone. Having an understanding family specially husband is a blessing of God. I have a wonderful husband who does an exceptional job and take care of our children and home while I am gone. So, having mutual words between husband and wife will help everyone out there who are working moms and have to travel.

2. Stay Connected

I always remain connected to my children even when I am not home. Well! Thanks to technology and science. This helps me to be with my kids while I am travelling. I try to as much as I can that how I work, where I am and not having fun without them.

3. Work Schedule

I have commitments at home as well as at my office. But I try to keep them apart. I try to avoid to bring my office work at home. I plan out my schedule for future in advance as this helps to accommodate any of events regarding my family like parent teachers meetings, birthdays or anything.

4. Supportive Staff

I am a loyal employee and my employer and other colleagues are also very supportive and understanding. I sometimes work from home. This allows me to have more time with my kids and husband. My working capability and loyalty towards my job runs deep because of these allowances.

5. Small Vacations

A kid always needs his/her mom, no matter how good the father is taking care. I always make sure to take some time out for my kids. We plan small vacations or picnics once in two months. This helps us to rejoice our lives with each other. I try to avoid any office work when I am out with my family.

When I have to travel alone, transportation is an issue in a new place. Being a sole woman while flying to another city, you can hire a professional driver service that will pick you up from airport and drop you to the desired location and this will save a lot of time

To gain everything in your life is a true benediction of God for you. This life is not easy and not everyone is blessed to have such a pleasured, happy and thankful life. I love my family and my work. I always try to figure out new ways to keep the balance. Life is not the bed of roses, some days are easier than others, and that is the reality of life. Every day you enter to a new chapter of your life. With all the care and loyalty towards my family and job, I always make myself happy and have excitement along the way in life.


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