Why I Picked TheWiSpy Parental Control App for My kids?

Parental Control App

Being a parent during the present times is a lot of work; I have to be attentive every second to ensure a safe environment around my child. Smartphones have become a necessity; teens need them for homework, to communicate with their friends, to keep parents updated while away from home and even for entertainment.

Having a smartphone with easy access to the internet is a luxury for children. Kids are out of control while using the internet. It has resulted in an increase in cyberbullying, addictive habits, and destructive impact on mental health. I have struggled with my children for a long time, nagged them for not being careful on social media and not keeping me updated with their locations.

It was becoming difficult with time to control their online activity and keeping them away from trouble. Until I found a solution, and that is “TheWiSpy app to track kid’s phone.” I thought it was impossible to monitor the 24/7 activity of my child, but now I can live stress-free knowing everything via remote access.

What is TheWiSpy parental control app?

TheWiSpy is a child phone monitoring app that allows me to control my teen’s digital activity remotely. TheWiSpy is the best tracking app because it has smart and advanced features that are unmatchable. There is no other monitoring app that offers 30+ parental control features with real-time results. To get a better understanding how TheWiSpy.com works and offer incredible result; keep reading the article.

Why I find TheWiSpy better than other parental control apps?

There is no doubt that the market has many amazing child phone monitoring apps that work fine, but significant differences make TheWiSpy a better choice. It was hard to choose first, and I won’t lie, I researched a lot before selecting TheWiSpy. It has numerous qualities that any parent would want in a spy app. Here are some highlighted perks that a TheWiSpy app user can enjoy.

Unmatchable remote monitoring:

One of the extraordinary qualities that a parental control software has is remote monitoring. TheWiSpy has unmatchable remote access to the android phone you’d like to monitor. The app has advanced technology functions that have made remote-tracking easier than ever; you are one click away to get all information in seconds. There are no extra struggles to be an expert; follow the rules explained well in the guideline, and it’s a piece of cake to spy on your kid’s smartphone.

Quick real-time results:

A kid’s safety is the primary goal that leads a parent into taking strict actions such as using parental controls. The reason I am so invested in TheWiSpy is that it offers quick and real-time results. Will you ever want an app to inform you an hour or 20 minutes after it tracks your child? Never, right! You don’t have to sit around and wait for the real-time information. With TheWiSpy app, you’ll know the exact location of your kid within seconds.

Web-based interface:

TheWiSpy offers a web-based interface for its users to monitor their kids, which means you don’t have to install the application on your device to track or get any access to the device. Once you made an account and installed the app on your child’s phone, you can quickly log in from a web browser to the TWS dashboard. It will offer access to all features of the app, and with each click, you can spy on each android activity of your child.

Runs in stealth mode:

I believe, along with my kids, every other child in this generation has a high level of technical knowledge. That means they’ll always get away with any restriction and remove disabled functions right away. To control that, you need an innovative app to track kids phone, so they can’t find out about spying. TheWiSpy works in stealth mode, and it means the whole monitoring is without the kid’s knowledge.

Affordable plans:

It’s everyone’s dream to get quality results at affordable prices; hold tight because TheWiSpy has extremely affordable plans for every requirement. You can decide your needs in advance and choose any subscription that suits your requirements at reasonable prices.

Highly compatible with android devices:

TheWiSpy is the parental control software that is highly compatible with android devices. No matter what android device you have, I am sure that you will get exceptional results regardless.

24/7 customer support:

Customer support is significant because it will help in understanding the product. Not everyone is an expert in advanced technology. That’s why TheWiSpy offer 24/7 customer supports where you can get answers to every query.

Easy installation process:

You don’t have to learn anything new for spying on your kids; TheWiSpy has an easy installation process where you’ll have to follow simple steps. You can purchase a child phone monitoring solution from the website and download the appText message tracking:
Track text message history from all social media apps using the text message tracking feature. This function is beneficial because I get to know what’s happening in my teen’s life.


Geo-fencing is a valuable advanced feature for restricting geographical areas, such as if I don’t want my children to go to a specific place, I block it. When my kid enters that area, an instant alert is sent to me to control their actions instantly.


It stores all typed keywords and passwords of the target device and uses them in the future for logging in to an account without access.

GPS monitoring:

You can use TheWiSpy, an app to track kids phone because it offers high resulted GPS monitoring feature. You can get the actual time location of your child sitting remotely within seconds.

App tracking:

Take control of your teen’s app usage, and you can restrict an app usage to a limit or block social media apps if they’re inappropriate, and delete any application with few clicks.

Restricting controls:

It’s what any parent desire to control the digital and online usage of kids, and that’s what the TWS spy app for android has to offer. With advanced parental control software, you can restrict activities anytime you want.

Monitor stored files:

All multimedia and stored files on the target device is accessible to you, and you can activate the feature and view, change, and delete files, videos, photos right away.

Concluding words

It is undoubtedly hard to find a perfect child phone monitoring app because there are tons of child monitoring and spyware apps in the market. I went a long way before choosing TheWiSpy best spy app, and now you don’t have to. I assure you that TheWiSpy is the best parental control software that offers more than 30 parental controls in affordable plans. So, stop worrying about how to monitor kids and install TheWiSpy today for real-time and effective results.

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