But My Friends Have Got One! Internet Safety Tips for Anxious Parents


It’s classic playground peer pressure. Apparently, all your child’s friends have got smart phones or devices and they’re the only one who doesn’t. Sound familiar? I’m quite sure if you cast your mind back you might recall a certain toy or playground fad that you desperately begged your parents for because all your friends had one. So, you can sympathise. However, comparing a yo-yo to a smartphone will full internet access is hardly realistic…

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Let’s be honest, the internet can be and is a dangerous place. Especially for children who aren’t old enough to know better. For tips on how to keep your kids safe online, check out this link. As parent’s, we’re programmed to protect our children no matter what, but as far as the internet is concerned, it’s natural to feel completely powerless. How do you know who they’re talking to? Are they being bullied? Are they on social media? What are they watching on YouTube? First things first, don’t panic. In order for your child to have a positive online experience, all you need to do is put safety barriers in place to protect them. And you can find out how by checking out this helpful infographic below.

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