7 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Foodies and People Who Love Snacking

7 Fantastic Gift Ideas for Foodies and People Who Love Snacking - luxury gifts for foodies

Some people love their food. Of course, we all like food, but there are some people who are obsessed with it, whether that’s cooking (and eating) it themselves or watching others create masterpieces (which they can then eat). With that in mind, here are some excellent gift ideas for the foodies in your life so they can enjoy their food even more.

Mini Fridge

A true foodie will never have enough room in their fridge for all the ingredients they need, so why not gift them a mini fridge? Mini fridges come in all shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be something that works for their style and taste. Plus, for people who love to snack, a mini fridge is a great addition to a living room or workspace.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Stone-baked pizzas are just another level of deliciousness, and everyone knows they taste better than something cooked in the oven. If your friend or loved one is a pizza aficionado, an outdoor pizza oven is the ideal gift – you might even get to taste some of their delicacies.

Snack Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are hugely popular right now, and that’s because they’re exciting. They’re a little gift each month, and they’re something to look forward to. There are subscription boxes for pretty much everything, including tasty snacks, which is why this is an ideal gift for a foodie. Opt for something with a theme, like foods from around the world, or try something that offers something new every month – your recipient is sure to be delighted.

Mini Air Fryer

Air fryers are everywhere these days, and they can cost a lot of money. So, you could give your food-obsessed friend a mini air fryer, which is much cheaper than a full-size one and gives them a chance to try out the gadget before spending a lot of money on a bigger one.

Baking Salts

Have you ever heard of baking salts? If you’re not a foodie who enjoys baking, you may not have done, and even long-time bakers may not be aware that they exist – they’re a relatively new thing. You can buy a box of baking salts and watch your food friend’s eyes light up when they realise what they have. Some of the flavours include ginger, lemon, coffee, and lavender – and there are dozens more.

A Set of Knives

If there is one thing every budding chef needs to have, it’s a good set of knives. Of course, which set you opt for will depend on your budget; some knife sets cost many thousands of pounds. The best thing to do is plenty of research – it might be better to buy one great knife rather than a set of mediocre ones, so make sure you investigate before making a purchase.

Charcuterie Board

A beautifully crafted wooden charcuterie board is an exquisite decorative addition to any home. Your present of a wooden charcuterie board will be appreciated every time they use it to serve tasty meats and other delights, elevating any event to a new level. You could even include a selection of meats and cheeses to ensure your recipient can get started with their gorgeous new board right away.


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