6 Reasons Why Converting Your Old VHS to Digital Formats is Worth It

6 Reasons Why Converting Your Old VHS to Digital Formats is Worth It - convert analog video to digital

Convert those recordings into DVD format for improved sound and picture quality, a longer lifespan, more accessible sharing options, and more efficient storage. Protect your precious moments from the ravages of time so you can revisit them with renewed clarity whenever you wish.

If you have old VHS tapes, you should get them converted to digital formats such as DVDs, MP4s, or others. This blog will dive into why you should convert your VHS tapes or have them transferred by a professional VHS-to-DVD transfer service.

Why It’s Beneficial for You to Convert Your VHS Tapes to Digital

You should convert your VHS tapes to a digital format for many reasons — whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Digital Formats Are Easier To Use

VHS players (VCRs) are challenging to come by today. You would have to look hard and track one down once you find the technology that needs to be updated and easier to use. Digital formats are simpler, with DVDs and easy-to-find DVD players.

Digital Films Are More Durable

VHS tapes are made from a thin, flexible plastic material that can be easily damaged if bent, scratched, or exposed to heat or moisture. In contrast, DVDs are made from a thicker, more durable plastic that is less susceptible to damage from these environmental factors.

Plus, if your VHS tapes are transferred to an online digital format such as MP4, USB, or in the cloud, there is almost no chance they will get damaged. Digital copies cannot degrade or get scratched.

They Have Higher Resolutions

DVDs have higher resolutions than VHS tapes because they can store more information and data. DVDs are made up of tiny pits and lands, which create a digital copy of the video information, while VHS tapes use magnetic tape to record analog video signals. This means that DVDs can encode much greater detail and resolution compared to VHS tapes.

VHS tapes were initially designed to be played back on standard definition (SD) TVs, with a resolution of 640×480 pixels.

In contrast, digital video formats such as MP4, AVI, and MOV can be played back in various resolutions, including Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) and Ultra HD (3840×2160 pixels). These higher resolutions provide much clearer and more detailed images than what is possible with VHS tapes, making digital formats a superior choice for viewing video content.

More Compact Storage

VHS tapes are massive compared to DVDs and other digital formats. DVDs are thinner than VHS and can fit into a booklet of discs. Other digital formats do not take up physical space, but they can be mitigated by putting your videos in the cloud!

You Can View Your Digital in Different Manners

There are several ways you can watch videos after they have been converted from VHS to DVD:

1. Play the DVD on a DVD player: You can play the DVD on a DVD player connected to your TV, just like you would with any other DVD.

1. Play the DVD on a computer: You can also play the DVD on a computer using a DVD-ROM drive and a media player software such as VLC or Windows Media Player.

1. Convert the DVD to a digital format: You can convert the DVD to a digital video format such as MP4 or AVI using DVD ripper software. Once the DVD has been converted to a digital format, you can play it on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

1. Stream the DVD over the internet: If you have converted the DVD to a digital format and uploaded it to a cloud storage service or streaming platform, you can watch it on any device with an internet connection.

They Can Be Shared Easily

Once your VHS is in a digital format, you can share it instantly with friends and family. All you have to do is attach the file to an email and send it. You can also use a service such as Dropbox, where you and people with access can see all your movies.


There you have it. There are six great reasons to get your VHS tapes converted to digital. You can do the conversion yourself, but many people take their memories to a professional VHS-to-DVD transfer service to ensure quality.


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