Why It’s OK to Enjoy Fast Food with Your Family Sometimes


Motherhood seriously reduces the amount of free time in your day, especially when you have more than one child. Depending on the age of your sons or daughters, there are various activities that they will be involved in and your needs and desires will typically fall behind the needs and desires of your offspring. One evening as a mom might consist of leaving work to pick up your kids from school, driving one to soccer practice, the other to a friends house to study, and the third to a dance rehearsal. Then, you have to run errands, walk the dog, and try to fit some exercise in there somehow. How in the world are you also supposed to have time to make dinner for the whole family?

Honestly, sometimes you just aren’t going to have that time and you’ll swing by the McDonald’s drive through on your way home instead. There’s no shame in eating some of your meals at fast food restaurants. If you find yourself in the drive through line more than once a week, you aren’t alone. But, there’s still a negative connotation with a lot of fast food chains and you might find yourself wishing that you could make a healthy gourmet meal instead. It’s time to stop feeling guilty! Here are three tips to make you feel better about hitting up the local fast food joint with your children:

Use Restaurant Apps

If you haven’t already downloaded the apps for your favorite restaurant chains, you need to do so as soon possible. These apps will give you discounts, special offers, and sometimes you can even order through the app! As if fast food didn’t already come cheap and fast enough, you can save more time and money by using the apps. This tool from SimpleTexting let’s you discover how to connect with all of your favorite restaurants on your phone.

Opt for the Healthier Items

While fast food restaurants have earned a reputation for causing weight gain and other health issues, the majority of the restaurants have altered their menus to ensure that healthier options are offered. However, it’s important to really do your research because often the items that sounds the healthiest (a salad or oatmeal) actually pack more calories.

Take Advantage of the Extra Time

One of the greatest benefits of eating fast food on a weeknight is the extra time that you get to spend with your family. Don’t let that time go to waste by sitting in front of the television with your take-out food. Instead, sit down for a family meal and then get outside afterwards and do something active. A walk through the neighborhood, a game of basketball, or even a bike ride will help burn off any extra calories you gained with those french fries!

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